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Denizens of Nizhny have fun and make good choices

Tillypad XL has been installed on several catering and leisure sites in Nizhny Novgorod. It is unlikely that simple inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod have any idea what connects the downhill skiing, bowling and even billiards that are so popular in their flat landscape. But thanks to ITL, the regional Tillypad dealer, they have been connected since not long ago by a single Tillypad XL restaurant EPoS system. It is running in famous leisure spots: the Puzhalova gora downhill skiing complex, the Strike bowling club chain and the Usadba restaurant, decorated in XIX century Russian style.
Puzhalova gora is a modern downhill skiing complex in the historical centre of Gorokhovets on the border of Nizhegorodskaya and Vladimirskaya oblasts: 16 slopes of varying degrees of complexity, a hotel, restaurant, snowboard park with jumps and much more. However, if hills make you think of bitter cold, snowdrifts and snow-covered slopes, then in this case you are wrong. Nizhny folk are so fond of the attractions with their height differences that are so unusual for their landscape that Puzhalova gora also has a summer season. In summer there are no fewer queuing visitors, just as likewise there are no fewer attractions on the ski resort.
The only 1-kilometre "summer sledge" slope in Russia down a monorail tube on the ski slope, skateboarding, summer tubing "dikaya vatrushka" (riding down a hill on big rubber cylinders on a special Italian surface), trampoline, mountain bike hire, skateboarding, roller skating, shooting range – these are just some of the attractions that Puzhalova gora has to offer adults and children.
In 2009, Puzhalova gora was recognised by the International ski industry congress as the best complex in Russia for family recreation. It is no surprise that all this Russian "Disneyland" attracts a huge number of visitors that all have to be fed well.
Tillypad XL is installed in the ski complex restaurant, which enabled the operation of the establishment to be organised according to world standards on a new level of quality. First and foremost, restaurant management got maximum transparency of all processes. In particular, before installation there was a requirement for personnel monitoring, execution and analysis of marketing programmes and other requirements that Tillypad XL managed in an optimal manner.
The next object where ITL deployed Tillypad XL is also related to rolling, only this time not yourself but balls – bowling and billiard balls.  In the centre of Nizhny Novgorod, Tillypad XL joined Strike, the first bowling clubs in the city, into in a single network, in Alexander garden and in the Fantastica shopping and leisure centre. The network combines reporting and control in the two outlets, which allows management to access information about operation of the club remotely at any time.
In the Strike clubs, Nizhny residents have at their service bowling alleys with glowing ultraviolet effect, Russian billiards and pool tables. The Tillypad XL billiards control system, based on the automatic turning on/off of the lights over the tables, allows automatic control of game time and access to table occupancy statistics depending on the day of the week and time of day. Tillypad XL also combined the sport bar Strike into the single control network.
And finally, the third site in Nizhny Novgorod where ITL recently deployed Tillypad XL; the Russian cuisine restaurant Usadba. Dropping in there, you will take a plunge into the style of XIX century Russian aristocracy: exclusive wooden furniture, carpets from noble boudoirs, antique chandeliers and wall lamps, antique mirrors in massive frames and traditional Russian costumes on waiters. The restaurant has three halls with a total capacity for 110 diners. When the management of the Usadba restaurant were choosing a software suite, their main priority was the ability to monitor staff, quick intervention from management, uninterrupted operation and high speed of service for restaurant guests.
It is exactly these criteria where Tillypad XL has an advantage over competitors. In particular, the decentralised architecture and other features make the system reliable and "unsinkable".
Another factor in selecting Tillypad XL was the ability to organise flexible discount systems (business lunch, discounts for regular customers etc.) and, of course, the high level of local technical support for the system provided by ITL specialists.
The management of Usadba opined: "The combination of Russian traditions and a state of the art management suite enable restaurant guests to appreciate in full the Russian experience and enjoy fantastic cuisine, a comfortable atmosphere and pleasant conversation".
All three Tillypad XL deployment projects were carried out by ITL, a Tillypad dealer in Nizhny Novgorod.