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High technologies for an excellent service

Salam is yet another popular Ashgabat-based restaurant that has been recently automated with Tillypad. The exclusive concept of the restaurant is based on excellent cuisine, professional design of eight theme-based VIP rooms, and multiple technical solutions that please the guests and prevent any service delays.
Salam starts to impress their guests at the door: every group of customers receives tablets instead of the traditional paperback menus. After the guests choose their dishes from the digital menu, they press the iBells button to summon the waiter. At the same moment, the waiter receives a notification in the Tillypad app installed on his/her work smartphone. This app is also used to immediately send orders to the kitchen bypassing the notepad and POS terminal, as well as to receive instant feedback from the barmen and chefs. Mobile Tillypad can be simultaneously accessed by six waiters — six is the number of licences currently purchased by Salam. During peak hours, when additional staff is called for help, the orders are also taken via a touch-screen all-in-one PC. This computer is also used as a powerful server that stores all restaurant data, from recipes to financial records and sales statistics.
A special display is installed in the centre of the main room that can comfortably seat up to 150 people. Using this screen, the waiters can receive information about calls from the VIP rooms (in addition to receiving them on their smartphones), but the display is mainly used by administrators who want to keep an eye on the overall situation in the restaurant.
Serdar Pudakov, Administrator: 'Salam has a club-like atmosphere where guests can not only enjoy an excellent cuisine but also relax and have fun. We often have large parties celebrating all kinds of events. Every week, we host corporate office parties, engagement parties and weddings. We are also often asked to organise children's parties. This is why we use Tillypad's Reservations mode every day to accept prepayments, return unspent deposits, work on banquet menus and better serve the events. We've entrusted Tillypad not only with our reservations and banquets but also with many other tasks. Recently, we started using it to organise our delivery orders. '
Salam's delivery service has proven to be very popular. The restaurant is renowned for its classic European and Turkmen dishes and large servings — this is why those who have been to Salam at least once, later often order the dishes they liked to be delivered to their home or work. Tillypad helps the restaurant to manage many processes of the new delivery service: maintain the regular customer database, monitor preparation statuses and track courier delivery speed. All processes are structured in a clear, easy-to-grasp way and can be monitored at any moment: right now, tomorrow or in a month.