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Tillypad at Russian Feast: cutting-edge technologies keep watch over time-honoured traditions

Russian Feast, a welcoming restaurant-museum in the popular St. Petersburg suburb of Pushkin, has been automated with Tillypad. Here long-standing Russian traditions stand side by side with the latest technologies: the restaurant’s stationary POS terminals have been replaced with fast, inexpensive Android tablets. From taking orders to accepting payments, from reserving tables to running stock inventories — every operation happens instantaneously and in the proper location. Since the restaurant’s waiters are completely mobile, sending an order to the kitchen takes only a few seconds, and administrators can roam freely to oversee and manage restaurant activity.
A desktop computer is used for management tasks, stock control and bookkeeping. This computer also serves as the program server. One back office licence provides Russian Feast’s accountant and managers a useful tool for working with various data, including sales, employee timesheets, stock movements, loyalty programmes, etc.
Lyubov Ivanovna, manager of the restaurant: ‘When we were shaping and developing our project, we always kept in mind its most important piece — our incredibly diverse clientele. We thought about the international customers and tourists from surrounding towns who come to dine with us after a long tour of Tsarskoye Selo and who place high value on prompt service of hearty, appetizing dishes. We had in mind gourmands and Russian culinary aficionados who want to experience ‘authentic’ flavours and decor. We thought of potential customers looking for the right venue for a special family event and of discerning guests who pay close attention to the comforts, interior design and general quality of our establishment. We also thought about families with children who might spend a cosy evening here and hopefully fall in love with the restaurant. And we didn’t forget about the business travellers who come to town to partake in the congresses and exhibitions that are held at Expoforum.
When you work with so many different, unique audiences, holding up a high standard of service and food quality and maintaining several service formats are no easy tasks. This is why we hoped that our automation system would become a smart and reliable assistant. We were right to choose Tillypad. Not only has it become an image-building tool (all our waiters work with tablets), it has also helped us monitor our guests' preferences, optimise our menu, keep personnel and management records, experiment with loyalty programmes and prolong those that work best.
Tillypad sincerely makes it easier to manage a restaurant, from closing shifts and assessing staff performance to analysing sales of individual menu items. When a business day is closed, its sales report prints automatically — this is convenient for our administrator. A second copy of the report is emailed directly to the restaurant management. In addition, thanks to Tillypad, we are always certain that all the items listed on our menu are available for sale. The program makes it easy to monitor stock levels and re-order fresh produce from our farm suppliers.’
The automation of the Russian Feast restaurant was completed by Katran Pro, Tillypad's St. Petersburg dealer.