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Tillypad meets the sunrise in Krasnodar

Voskhod (which in Russian stands for 'sunrise') opened a new restaurant, Russian Seasons, in Krasnodar. The new restaurant was opened on the basis of the same-name restaurant with a 50-year history and has incorporated the best South Russian hospitality and Russian cuisine traditions. Commitment to the classics and traditions go here hand in hand with modern IT technologies.
The new spacious banquet hall opens for special events and occasions, which are planned and served with the help of Tillypad. Using Reservations mode, administrators and waiters prepare for events, plan food catering and manage deposits. Back office employees receive a vast amount of data for financial analysis of any past banquet or date range. 
Yuriy Redkoborody, Head of IT Department of Soft Yug, Tillypad's authorised representative in South Russia: 'Voskhod showed a very thorough approach when it came to choosing their automation system. First of all, they were looking for a program that could take into account all the nuances of special events catering. Additional advantages of Tillypad were the absence of modules and the smart contextual search in the POS terminal, as well as the possibility to group data in any window by any field. Before making a decision, the owners have consulted their colleagues in Krasnodar and received their unbiased opinions. Positive references about Tillypad became another convincing argument.'
Natalya Blinova, Assistant Accountant of Russian Seasons: 'Tillypad is an easy-to-master and user-friendly program. Having some experience with other hospitality management systems, I can say that with Tillypad, I need much less time for most tasks, and making an error here is much more difficult. The program has multiple options for automating routine operations that usually take up a lot of time. Plus, I like that I can easily find any records and track any stock movement. Tillypad does indeed facilitate my work.'