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Tillypad XL in Liverpool

The Tillypad XL Hospitality Management System has been installed in Liverpool's dry bar The Brink. Not a drop of alcohol is sold here; instead, guests will be able to enjoy an excellent cuisine, amicable atmosphere and a diverse and interesting programme of events.
Opened in September 2011, The Brink became the first alcohol-free bar in England for people with drug and alcohol related issues. It works together with the charitable organization Action on Addiction under the patronage of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, spouse of the Crown Prince of the United Kingdom. When visiting Liverpool, the Duchess tasted a non-alcoholic drink that was named in her honour.
Without flash, the bar helps people to overcome their addictions – three quarters of all staff used to have some kind of addiction, and the income is spent on a range of rehabilitation programmes. The Brink was acknowledged by non-governmental organizations and has received several awards for its social engagement.
But the main thing is that the bar received recognition from the public for having created a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. For those who enjoy a good meal out, The Brink offers English cuisine: a menu from an experienced chef Tom Gill who won the Best Chef of Liverpool award in 2008, dishes made from fresh locally sourced ingredients and home baked pastries and breads. They play host to various cultural and entertainment events: concerts, photo and art exhibitions, film shows, poetry readings, pyjama parties, in short, all that is artistic and exciting cultivates the creative feel of the place.
The efficient management and quick service for the guests of The Brink is guaranteed by the restaurant automation system Tillypad XL. Because of the small size of the bar and the scarcity of available space, we have installed a POS terminal in the bar for the operating personnel. The Management can access the database through his PC. This is the optimal solution for venues of this size.
Carl Bell, the Manager of The Brink: "We quickly recognized that Tillypad XL was the best solution for us. A single POS terminal suits the needs of the waiters because Tillypad XL enables them to quickly serve even a large flow of guests. And the manager workstation allows me to maintain records and use all features necessary for managing a bar and restaurant such as this."