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Tillypad XL in Warsteiner Forum

Restaurants in the style of German bars are always popular, especially in Saint Petersburg, where the locals know a thing or two about different types of beer. So it comes as no surprise that Warsteiner Forum, a restaurant decked out in traditional German style, has been around for almost twenty years. To keep popularity up where it should be, the owners decided to install the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
There are two separate areas in Warsteiner Forum, both decorated in different but highly complementing styles. One has wooden tables, sofas and pewter lamps on pale walls. The other has a cosy pub atmosphere with wood-panelled walls, round tables with dark green tablecloths and chairs with carved backs.
Located near to the Moskovskiy railway station in the centre of town Warsteiner Forum attracts locals and visitors alike. Many of the latter, won over by the variety of beers on offer, the tasty food and pleasant atmosphere, try to visit the restaurant every time they have occasion to be in Saint Petersburg.
Deployment was carried out by Tellur, a Tillypad partner, who installed and configured manager, waiter, bartender and chef workstations. Thanks to Tillypad XL, the cafe not only increased the level of service for guests, it also increased their number. It enabled management to expand the menu and offer business lunches to employees of nearby offices, and also significantly increased the range of loyalty programmes for their wide and varied client base.