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Tito Avantgarde: a true family restaurant

This popular restaurant with an unusual service concept has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad XL in Tito Avantgarde: stock control and fast service
Tito Avantgarde is a restaurant that has transformed what is usually an extra service into its main selling point. Typically, restaurants offer a small children's playroom, if any at all. However, the management of the Tito company has taken this service a step further, offering an entire floor in its two-storey building exclusively for its customers’ children. While adults relax on the upper floor, children play, study, and have fun on the lower floor either on their own or with the help of teachers and entertainment staff. There is a special fee for the children's area, but it includes a buffet and various workshops. In addition, parents can order items from the general menu for their children.
Tito Avantgarde’s unusual approach to accommodating parents and children alike requires smooth-running service and a special focus on stock control. Therefore, after scouring the entire market of automation systems, the management of Tito Avantgarde decided to implement Tillypad XL.
Advantages for Tito
– Tillypad XL has facilitated our work, – says Irina Krivosheeva, Tito Avantgarde's chief accountant. – The staff can concentrate on providing the best service to our guests because the system carries out all calculations quickly and accurately. For example, it calculates the cost of the time a child has spent in the playroom down to the minute and adds this amount to the customer's guest tab.
Now we can maintain a full and accurate stock record, which is important for any venue, but of vital importance to a venue like ours. Thanks to Tillypad XL's feature that allows the deduction of stock items in real time mode, creation of the children's buffet menu and adjustment of the stop list have become considerably easier.
The Tito Avantgarde restaurant has purchased four Tillypad XL licences to ensure fast and accurate service. POS terminals with these licences are positioned and configured such that they best suit the specific character of this venue. The POS terminal on the ground floor is used to clock in children and register dish orders that parents make for their children. The other POS terminals are located on the upper floor.
Two of them are used to enter adult guests’ orders and to add comments to dishes and guest tabs. All this information is received in the kitchen in seconds. The final settlement is performed on the cashier's POS terminal. Here, Tillypad XL generates the final guest tab, which includes all parents' orders from the bar and kitchen, as well as the amount due for the time that their children have spent on the children's floor. This amount is calculated automatically.
The Soft Park Company implementing Tillypad XL has also set up video surveillance for additional staff control and to prevent misuse. At any point in time, the management of the company can receive all necessary information about any event in question. To ensure this, Tillypad XL synchronizes video records from all video cameras that might have spotted objects related to the event. For example, the management can view records from the video cameras above a POS terminal where a guest tab was opened or closed and from those above the table where an order was taken, as well as the order ticket from the kitchen printer, all related to the same guest tab. All information will cover the targeted time period.