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Tree thousands pucks for a bar

The Tillypad XL hospitality management system was introduced in KHL Bar – the best sport catering facility in Chelyabinsk!
The Kontinental Hockey League Bar is fully designed in the hockey style. First, visitors pass through the hall exhibiting sweaters of players from all the Continental Hockey League clubs, under which smaller versions of the Gagarin Cups are placed according to the number of cups won by each team. Then the guests are passing to the main bar counter which is manufactured out of 400 hockey sticks. And the bar back design required as many as three thousand pucks. They were connected so that gaps were left between them, behind which the light panels were installed. It seems that almost all kinds of hockey equipment were used in the interior. Even the lamp shades are made out of the goalkeeper helmets and the sofas – out of the pads. There is also an actual coaching chair from where you can read the quotes of the great sport coaches written on the wall.
The bar itself is divided into zones: fans’, players’, goalkeeper’s and a coach’s. Each of the zones has a TV, so that different games can be watched at the same time. The speaker system allows visitors to watch different sport events without disturbing other guests at the nearby tables. In addition, there is a professional track for the game of darts, pool tables and gaming machines for children in the KHL Bar.
The largest and most stylish sport catering facility in the city must also provide the best service. Therefore, the management of the KHL Bbar has chosen the hospitality management system Tillypad XL, which was introduced by the PROXY-Service Ural Company.
- The owner of the KHL Bar has been successfully using the Tillypad XL system in his other restaurants for several years, so he has immediately decided to introduce it in the new facility, - said Vitaly Gusev, the head of the introduction department of PROXY-Service Ural. - It provided quick service for the guests and effective control of the KHL Bar by the management. All data on the facility operation is consolidated in the head office. Tillypad XL system allowed us to set up all the necessary reports in a form that is convenient for the office staff. They can easily analyze data and make quick changes to the bar operation increasing its efficiency.
PROXY-Service Ural Company was established in 2000 and has been a partner of Tillypad since the foundation of the former. It offers services on the implementation and maintenance of various automation systems and software.
For over 17 years, Tillypad has been a leader in the field of developing software for the automation of catering enterprises, recreation and entertainment facilities. Today more than 8000 restaurants in Europe, the CIS and Russia entrust their business to Tillypad. The company is represented by a network of over 90 dealers across Russia, the CIS and Europe.