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Two venues – one solution

The Grandison restaurant and the Pig&Truffle pub have joined the ranks of Tillypad clients in the UK. With Tillypad XL, the owner of these establishments can successfully develop his business, and his staff now work much faster. The right automation system is the ticket to success! The Grandison family restaurant has been successfully operating in the picturesque village of Bramfield for years. Located amidst the scenic hills and lush forests of Hertfordshire, it has become a perfect destination for families, hiking and biking aficionados, and anyone who appreciates a delicious meal and a peaceful holiday.
Turn of the tide
Owner Aaron Clayton recently felt the need to change his automation system due to bad service and monthly lease fees. As he was considering opening the Pig&Truffle pub in a neighbouring town, Aaron took a radical approach to the issue of automating both establishments. He made a clean sweep and dropped the previous system altogether, not wanting to deal with two different programs at his two sites. Instead, he implemented Tillypad XL. His experience in working with the system has demonstrated that the right hospitality management system makes a restaurant business much more efficient.
Optimal budget and no monthly fees
The entire project was carried out within a reasonable budget – for two reasons. First, the list of equipment compatible with Tillypad XL is quite long. This reduced the cost of implementation, as the owner could use his old equipment once it was re-configured by the Tillypad specialists. Second, there are no monthly payments associated with Tillypad XL. Tillypad XL licences are purchased once and are valid for life, without the monthly rent fee common to other automation systems in the UK. Once they have purchased their licences, restaurateurs receive Tillypad XL upgrades absolutely free. Aaron is happy to strike out this line from his sheet of monthly expenses.
Easy to use – quick to serve
Both the restaurant and the pub are very popular. Tillypad XL helps the staff to manage easily even with increased customer flow and to provide fast, high-quality service to the venues’ many guests. The system is reliable and made in such a way as to be extremely easy to use for both managers and staff. Even the tiniest of details are well-constructed, e.g. down to the last button, the POS terminal interface is set up according to waiters’ needs. The menu is structured to make order-taking as fast as possible. Countless features facilitate the work of frontline staff, including buttons highlighted in different colours, hot keys, and convenient placement of menu groups. Even one second saved on an unnecessary screen touch matters to speed up service, which is vitally important during peak hours.