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Bar&cafe ‘The Bach’, Lipetsk

The Bach is a great co-working place and chill-out lounge for the artists of Lipetsk, Russia. Its concept vision is based on modern art represented in the ambiance, people and interior design. The Bach inspires to meditate and create. Guests come here to exchange interesting ideas, share their experience and have a good time. Anyone can exhibit their works here and invite their friends or a larger audience to their personal exhibition. On weekdays, The Bach organises modern art workshops, while on the weekend, the workspace transforms into a theme party bar.
That being said, The Bach is a classic cafe rather than a time club. Its classic character is emphasized through symphonic music played in the bar and the 18th century fashion clothing worn by waiters and barmen.
The Bach is the second project of its owners. In their other venue, the karaoke bar ‘Bank’, Tillypad has been helping to keep records and serve customers for over two years now. The program has proven to be a smart and reliable tool for all employees. In addition, its loyalty programs have helped push up the sales and incentivize guests to return more often.
Now both sites use Tillypad. The 123 company, Tillypad's representative in Lipetsk, has set up e-mail reports, which include gross sales and deleted orders, and configured a few promotions. All works were completed within one day.
The Bach now plans to start using Reservations mode and to automate their delivery. All necessary functions are a part of the purchased licence pack; the only thing the owners will need to do is set them up.