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Home-made 'Pies' in Kazan

Recently, two baker shops called 'Pies' greeted their first customers in Tatarstan. Both of the bakeries were automated with Tillypad. As the name of the café chain suggests, the menu offers home-made pies with a variety of fillings. Tillypad's official representative, PROXY SERVICE Ural, has successfully carried out the automation of the venues.
Pies, warm and delicious, have been a symbol of home comfort since the beginning of time: evidence of pie baking can be traced back to the ancient Egypt. These days, pies are represented in all the cuisines of the world, with bakers constantly refining the skills of preparing tarts and cakes of all kinds. The restaurants specialized in a single food is a new culinary trend thriving all over the world. The owners of 'Pies' took the mono-product conception on board and made pies the pride of the place. 
The restaurateurs already had some experience in implementing automation systems; therefore, this time the system start up was carried out flawlessly. Being aware that Tillypad provides high productivity and reliable analytics, the owners opted for the system without a moment's hesitation. Thanks to Tillypad, such tasks as selling output products and stock deduction became easy and fast: you can always monitor online the availability of stock items in stores. The owners also purchased a server and two equipment sets for service workstation in order to ensure a smooth work process.
For the managers of 'Pies', running baker shops is a new line of business. Earlier, with the help of Tillypad, they automated major hotels in Kazan, such as 'Shalyapin Palace Hotel' and 'Grand Hotel'.