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How can I go on holiday without worrying about my restaurant?

If you have a restaurant, cafe or pub, you know how difficult it can be to let yourself take even a week off. Pesky thoughts about whether staff can keep up sales and service standards without supervision can haunt even the most laidback proprietors.
But does this mean you can’t go on holiday without worrying about your business the entire time? While completely disconnecting may be unrealistic, spending an hour or less per day on work is an achievable goal thanks to modern remote restaurant management solutions. The Tillypad XL hospitality management system helps you keep tabs on your restaurant from anywhere in the world by offering you concise reports with key metrics.
For example, if you trust your manager to keep operations running smoothly in your absence, you can set up the system to send daily reports showing your most crucial business indicators. However, if you worry your team will ‘slack off’  without your constant presence, you can take your remote role a step further and create reports more detailed reports for a more comprehensive picture.Access to these reports allows you to quickly remedy any situation, regardless of the distance between you and your venue.
Here are some samples of data that can be accessed remotely:
  • profit and loss figures
  • balance figures
  • timesheets
  • cash flow
  • information about employee work performance
  • progress towards planned targets
Sometimes when a holiday is going great, you don't want to spend a single minute on work. Set up reports to be sent to your e-mail automatically, and check your inbox only when it is convenient for you.  Or, if you're travelling to a place with an unreliable Internet connection, you can opt to receive text messages instead. Every day, you will receive data about numbers of receipts, numbers of guests, food costs, losses and profits. An SMS will be sent to your phone each day at a preset time; even from far away, you won’t miss a thing.
Remote restaurant control is just one of many solutions created by Tillypad XL to cut costs, improve operation and boost profits in all types of restaurants. Learn more about other features of the program, install Tillypad XL in your restaurant and relax this summer!