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Manage your data with Tillypad XL

When you need to make a decision, you want the most up-to-date and reliable information. The data that inform your important choices should always be at your fingertips.  Tillypad XL users can choose from different update modes and determine which data should always be updated immediately, even during peak system usage, and which documents can wait until the restaurant is less busy.
In Tillypad XL, all data – from directory contents to log details – are updated automatically. This means that instead of being launched on a schedule, the update process starts right after any changes have been made to the system from a device. However, some time may pass between the moment changes are entered and the appearance of updated data in the system.
Depending on how urgent the information is, Tillypad XL users can decide which data updates are critical, which data can be updated in the standard automatic mode and which data updates should be put on hold.
When data has been modified in a certain section or record, you can't miss it: as soon as changes are entered into the system database, an additional icon appears in the work window header, and the Update command becomes available in the context menu of the window header.
For your convenience, special icons designate that the automatic update mode has been specified for a selection of data. The system will inform you whether automatic updates are enabled or disabled, and whether data are currently being updated or are scheduled to be run in the future.