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New implementations in CIS countries

In the spring of 2016, dozens of different venues in the CIS countries were automated with Tillypad. Among them are Gul Zaman, a European restaurant in Ashgabat, and Blue FunToMass, a nightclub in Almaty.
Akmurad Annageldyev, Tillypad's dealer in Turkmenistan, has installed Tillypad in one more metropolitan venue—Gul Zaman, a popular European cuisine restaurant. Thanks to Tillypad's operational speed and a compact size of the restaurant's dining room and summer terrace, the automation required only one all-in-one PC that serves as a workstation for both the cashier and the barman. For cost and resource optimisation, Gul Zaman kitchen was united with the kitchen of the banquet hall located in the same building. Dish-ready messages on the all-in-one PC screen solved the distance problem of the remote food preparation.
The administrator can monitor and manage the dining room simply by using a smartphone. On the phone screen, he/she can view sales statistics in real-time mode. Additionally, the administrator can track open and closed guest tabs and in case of a high workload call in additional staff or help serve the guests.
Blue FunToMass, a nightclub in Almaty, belongs to the top 10 venues in the city. This spring, they updated their IT infrastructure. Blue FunToMass was opened in the end of 2011 by the premium-class RVV PROJECT holding company. Wishing to stay at the top positions in Almaty's nightclub rating in 2016, the management of the club made a decision to update their interior design and technological solutions. Tillypad was chosen to help the management make the club one of the best-equipped venues in the city with a European approach to business processes and service quality.
The implementation was completed by ALMATEC, Tillypad's dealer in Kazakhstan. Alexander Zakharchenko, director of ALMATEC: 'When we implemented Tillypad, we took into account the specifics of this bar: they often host special theme events with a high number of promotions, discounts and an extensive loyalty programme for regular guests. The venue uses six POS terminals for frontline staff and six thermal printers. They are divided by division: some are in the bar, some in the kitchen, and the rest in the hookah lounge.'
The club owners say that Tillypad has significantly increased order execution speed. Promotion programmes for regular customers have become more interesting, diverse and attractive. They include discounts, special offers, bonus points, etc.