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One-legged Ostrich — now with Tillypad

In 2012, we wrote about our customer in Chelyabinsk, Russia—the Drunken Ostrich. Over five years ago, Tillypad helped to implement the BeerCount technology, which allows to dispense beer directly to the tables through special beer pipes. Recently, thanks to our partner PROXY SERVICE Ural, we have learned that in addition to the Drunken Ostrich, there's now also the One-legged Ostrich in the area.
For the last five years, the One-legged Ostrich has been a must-visit in Chebarkul, a town near Chelyabinsk. It's all about the ambience: vibrant, packed, loud and high spirited. Plus they have the longest bar counter in town. Guests love the dark interior design and rock-n-roll symbols. But as soon as you open the second door and step inside, you will find yourself in a marshmallow pink room with plasterwork and a fireplace portal. A striking change of scene: the second room looks like a Barbie house.
These two entirely different spaces were presented to the public on February 14, 2017 when the Ostrich moved downtown. Two months after relocation, on April 14, the bar replaced its previous ePOS system with Tillypad.
Tillypad helped the One-legged Ostrich set up a cashback system. Some of the money spent at the bar is returned to the card. Depending on how much a customer leaves at the bar, they can expect a given cashback percentage. Bonuses can be spent on the next visit or when ordering a delivery.
After the bar had switched over to Tillypad, the owners noticed that guests started to receive their orders more quickly and to give higher ratings to customer service. The accountant now has an easier time working with records, and the purchasing manager can learn about stock and drink levels in a matter of seconds.
Now that they have Tillypad, the bar owners have come up with many interesting ideas they plan to implement with the help of PROXY SERVICE Ural, Tillypad's representative in the Ural region.
What does the Ostrich plan to do?
  1. Implement a VIP loyalty programme with self-selected cashback—at discretion of the management.
  2. Develop a few unconventional mass texting programmes. For example, send text messages to the guests whose names start with R and let them know about tailor-made cashback offers.
  3. Introduce new loyalty programmes: promotions and discounts awarded when guests fulfil certain conditions.
  4. Configure a couple of original reports for monitoring business figures and kitchen/bar sales. The reports will take into account the processing specifics of the Ostrich.