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Tillypad at Nadezhdinsk Metallurgical Plant

Yet another large manufacturing facility, Nadezhdinsk metallurgical plant, located in the town of Serov, Sverdlovsk region, has opted for Tillypad to manage the employee meal system. PROXY SERVICE Company, representing Tillypad in the Urals, automated nine canteens, three shops and an office and joined them into a chain.

Nadezhdinsk Metallurgical Plant, the local economic mainstay of Serov, was founded in 1894. The first steel and rails for the Trans-Siberian Railway were produced in 1896. In 2016, the plant marked its 120-year anniversary. Over the years, several generations of specialists were raised here while the production methods and manufacturing range underwent considerable changes. These days, Nadezhdinsk Metallurgical Plant is a part of the Ural Mining Metallurgical Company.

The employment benefits include free meals for the employees. Daily each worker receives 500 rubles on his/her account, which can be spent at the canteen or at the company shops. Before the implementation of Tillypad, a different popular automation system was installed at the plant; however, it fell short of the current requirements for qualified and comprehensive recordkeeping and didn't support e-receipts. The major difficulty in automating the Nadezhdinsk plant was that the meal system had to be integrated with the access control system in place, while the employees had to use the same key cards as before.

Denis Tukbayev, Director of the PROXY SERVICE Ural: 'Nadezhdinsk Plant, a top ten producer of rolled steel of the Russian metallurgical industry and one of the largest facilities in Sverdlovsk region, has a workforce of over 4 thousand highly skilled specialists. Clearly, this project was really important for us. The automation of catering and retail facilities took a week. We had to face some difficulties as we had to adjust to the schedule of the plant on weekdays, which didn’t leave us a lot of time to work.’

The very next day after implementation of Tillypad, the employees noticed the difference: the queues in the canteen and in the shops moved much faster. Besides, the work of the accounts department had become much more productive. Time-efficient data exchange in real time mode, reports of the actual balances and transactions of the staff accounts available at a click of a button—all these greatly streamlined the business processes at the plant.

However, PROXY SERVICE took it a step further and developed additional reports, improved document forms, and even configured processing wastage percentages in recipes depending on the season.