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Tillypad in a hot springs resort

In November, a new thermal resort opened some 25 miles away from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Thermae of Alexandria is a hotel with a hot water pool, spacious restaurant, juice bar and multiple saunas. Tillypad enables the guests to pay with entry bracelets throughout their entire stay at the resort.
The recreational area looks like a large round-log house with a captivating wood aroma and multiple SPA locations. Surely, no one wants to carry their purse to the sauna, Turkish bath and thermal pool—and no one has to. PROXY SERVICE Ural, Tillypad's representative in Chelyabinsk, arranged a cashless payment system: at the reception, guests receive bracelets that keep track of the time they spend inside and the menu items ordered in the restaurant or juice bar. Guests pay at the exit—after they pass through turnstiles controlled by Tillypad.
Tillypad also helps to manage the restaurant. In the spacious Russian restaurant with the traditional lunch and bar menu, guests can order a hearty meal, and in the juice bar, they can enjoy low-cal salads, smoothies and a healthy tea selection in between hydrotherapeutic procedures.
Thermae of Alexandria invites the guests to take advantage of multiple promotions. Wednesday is a ladies’ day: all women receive a 50% discount. A similar promotion is offered to students on Tuesdays.  Customers can count on getting a discount one week before and after their birthday, while children get a free visit if they are accompanied by two adults. Loyalty programmes and promotions are configured and analysed with Tillypad.
Denis Tukbaev, CEO of PROXY SERVICE Ural, Tillypad's partner in Chelyabinsk: ‘Implementation of Tillypad in Thermae of Alexandria was a challenging and rewarding project that required many unique solutions. The resort was automated using our club system with turnstiles as access control devices. Tillypad allowed us to create several complex price schedules and to log working hours of employees who use the same turnstiles to access their workplaces. As a finishing touch, Tillypad was integrated with the hotel management system.’