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Tillypad in Cosmos

Tillypad has partnered with Cosmos in Ekaterinburg, one of the biggest cinema and concert halls in Russia. Our representative in the Urals, PROXY SERVICE Company, has automated eleven bars and cafes in the complex.
The main cultural venue of the city, Cosmos can boast three halls for holding various events, such as concerts, shows, theatrical performances, film screenings, conferences, and meetings with famous actors. However, it's not just an entertainment complex. Cosmos is the epicentre of the political and social life in Ekaterinburg. It has become a large-scale venue for holding international forums, regional conventions, and other events associated with the economic and cultural progress of Russia.
Eleven cafes and bars spread over three levels can simultaneously receive more than two thousand visitors. Before Cosmos was automated with Tillypad, at the time of big concerts and performances, both the staff and the numerous audience had been extremely pressed for time, especially during short intermissions. Many a time, the customers who were at the end of the queue in a cafe were late for the event. Now, thanks to Tillypad’s FastFood mode, the situation has greatly improved: it takes an average of 15 seconds to serve one person.
The automation of Cosmos is not quite a standard case because the employees of the cinema's cafes have custody of their own stock. Once logged in at any of the eleven POS terminals, a member of staff has access only to the functions assigned to him/her and can sell only those stock items that are associated with his/her own stock.
In summer, the management of Cosmos is planning to open a mobile POS at the entrance of the complex for selling ice cream and refreshments.
About Cosmos
Built in 1967, Cosmos can facilitate 2386 people. Back in those days, such capacity was considered truly cosmic! By 2003, major reconstruction of the building had completely changed both its exterior and interior appearance with the main hall fully re-equipped.