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Tillypad XL v.9.3 is now available for installation

The new 9.3 version of the Tillypad XL hospitality management system has been released.
Tillypad XL 9.3 includes many updates that not only make all user-software communications easier and faster, but also provide new possibilities for expanding your business. Frontline staff, store clerks, accountants and managers will find new solutions that facilitate their work in 9.3. And marketing experts and senior management will appreciate the new delivery mode.
1. Expand your business’ s horizons with Delivery mode.
Version 9.3 has a new Delivery mode that will be useful both for restaurants with courier delivery service and for those that offer takeaway food and drinks. This mode allows you to keep track of transactions between couriers and customers and monitor prep and delivery times. You can decide who will take delivery orders — employees at desktop computers or frontline staff; automate all stages of prep and delivery; identify customers by phone number; and provide exceptionally quick, high-quality service.
2. Customise your interface for each employee: change the display order of operating modes on the screen.
You can determine in what order the operating modes will appear on the POS terminal screen. For example, if an employee works most often in Waiter and Cashier modes, you can configure these modes to appear first. And of course you can still change the size and colour of the mode buttons.
3. Use filters by group to quickly search for menu items.
In restaurant chains with an extensive menu, it is often difficult to find a specific item. For example, if you are looking for a particular stock item, the search results will include both stock items themselves and the recipes that include them. For quicker and more efficient performance, you can limit the groups in which the search will be conducted.
4. Search for guest tabs by employee and instantly find the documents you need.
When a manager urgently needs to carry out an operation on a customer's guest tab, he/she can easily find it by the name of the employee serving this guest. To facilitate this search, Tillypad XL 9.3 groups guest tabs by employee.
5. Focus on what's essential. Information about the current operating mode is now always in front of you.
When your venue is full, there is no time to be distracted by trivial issues. At any given moment, the software interface must provide the user all necessary information without forcing him/her to switch back and forth between windows. Now, wherever you are on the POS terminal, you will always see information about your current operating mode and screen form.
6. Recording shift starts and closes has become even easier.
The bigger a restaurant, the more people are registered in the Employees directory, and the more time you need to find your name in the employee list when you log in and out. Large venues with a sizeable workforce will no doubt appreciate the new login option: an employee starting his/her shift simply has to dial his/her quick selection code without scrolling through the list of names. As you know, the less time spent on formalities, the more time employees have to devote to their guests.
7. Quickly locate stock items in store records from the POS terminal.
Administrators, accountants and storekeepers will now have an easier time looking up stock items when carrying out stocktakings and stock movements. The name of the desired stock item can be entered into the search form via the on-screen keyboard.
8. Even newbies can prove their expertise.
When you employ a new waiter, you want him/her to get on the ball quickly. Employees now have ready replies to guests' questions about ingredients thanks to a new Tillypad XL feature that allows dish composition to be shown on the POS terminal screen. This solution will be especially useful for fast food establishments, for waiters who use mobile devices as POS terminals and for delivery service staff.
9. Fix mistakes on the go with quick cancellation of guest tabs and service starts.
Now you can delete an incorrect or frozen guest tab that has submitted orders with a single touch. Just open the context menu on the guest tab list screen — you don't even need to open the guest tab. In the same way, you can also cancel service for a reserved event if it has been started by mistake. This will return its guest tab to its original state.
10. Determine which stock items will be automatically substituted in sales records.
Sometimes when chefs prepare a dish, they run out of a certain stock item and choose to substitute it with a similar product. To facilitate work with sales records, Tillypad XL 9.3 can automatically substitute missing stock items with a different stock item. The system allows you to substitute both simple stock items and individual recipe items.
In addition, Tillypad XL v. 9.3 offers:
  • Visual representation of data deterioration and update process statuses.
  • An option to switch off automatic updates in reports.
  • Additional panels for connected device formats.
  • New tooltips in some fields.
  • Information about discount and markup values in Club cashier mode.
  • Improved interfaces in the Select menu item and Select stock item windows.
  • Updated on-screen keyboard.
All these features and more will become available after you upgrade your system to Tillypad XL 9.3.