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Two completely different Tillypad customers in Moscow

This spring, Optimal Soft, Tillypad’s official representative in Moscow, completed automation of two venues with virtually different concepts: a family and kid friendly restaurant Matreshka, and a vibrant karaoke night-club Shmeli. Here are the stories of these two projects.
Family restaurant Matreshka
Matreshka opened its doors to the public in 2017. Mainly focused on families with children, the restaurant has a lot to offer to guests of all ages: various toys, tasty and healthy food, and delicious deserts, which are suitable even for babies. Every week the visitors gather here for two types of events: actors' readings of fairy-tales and cookery workshops for children. Guests enjoy unusual interiors of the venue: child-like chairs and tables with a huge playground in the middle. This restaurant is perfect for family events, which often take place there. Naturally, the managers require an effective record keeping and planning system.
After using one of the popular automation systems for a month, the restaurant management were not quite satisfied with the options it offered and decided to replace the existing system. They opted for Tillypad: the system has a well-organised reservations mode with deposits and elaborate web-reporting (also available for mobile devices). Good tech support conditions became an additional advantage.
It took Optimal Soft engineers just over half a day to automate the venue: it was crucial to finish before 4 p.m., when a special event started. Matreshka plans to expand and open a few more family venues in Moscow.
Karaoke-bar Shmeli
Shmeli is a place of a completely different type. You can have your lunch there during the day from Monday to Friday (choice of two home-made meals, dried-fruit drink is a must) and enjoy a fantastic show at night.
The bar has been open to the public for over ten years. In spring this year, the management decided to update the classic version of Tillypad to Tillypad XL 9.7. This transfer made it possible for Shmeli to start using accumulative points discount systems and various deposit systems. In addition, it became easier to control the employees and avoid staff misuse.
Dmitry Kravchuk, co-founder and technical director of Optimal Soft: 'The upgrade of Shmeli Bar was made in two stages. The first stage included initial program configuration. Next, we did a test run and trained the staff to work with the new Tillypad. The club’s managers were quite happy with the update: now the founder and the cost analyst have a remote access to the system. The upgrade also provides a better choice of compatible hardware.'
In the near future, Shmeli plan to add tablets for quicker customer service at the summer terrace so that the orders would be sent to the kitchen immediately.