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About us

Tillypad was founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1995 when a group of young, talented specialists in the fields of software development, engineering, marketing and the hospitality trade came together to create a product that would satisfy current market requirements and become an indispensable tool for handling the fundamental business processes of restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and the like.
The Tillypad hospitality management system was launched in 1997 with revolutionary capabilities that enabled full control of restaurant operations.

The new system quickly achieved popularity in restaurants throughout Russia and the CIS. The company’s first international dealers appeared, promoting Tillypad abroad. Their numbers quickly increased and are still growing steadily to this day.

Envisaging a massive increase in the number of chains being opened, the company set about developing Tillypad, a radically new system that would enable efficient management of restaurant chains.

The endeavour paid off in 2007 when the first ever commercial installation of Tillypad was carried out in the largest Japanese restaurant chain in St. Petersburg. The resounding success of this and subsequent installations confirmed that all targets had been achieved or exceeded, and in 2008 Tillypad was released on the general market.

Today more than 10 000 restaurants in Europe and Russia trust their business to Tillypad. The company is represented by a network of more than 90 dealers across Russia, the CIS and Europe, providing installation, maintenance and support of Tillypad.

Our strategy of continuous improvement and dedicated commitment to exceed all industry standards makes Tillypad a sound investment for any business in the hospitality sector.
22A, Yakhtennaya street,
St. Petersburg 197345,
Phone +7 812 740 3015