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Technological partners

Banks, processing
UCS are one of the largest processing companies in Russia. Their main business areas include emission and acquiring of bank cards such as VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide, JCB International, UnionPay.
INPAS Payment Solutions are the leading company and the largest provider of payment solutions on the Russian market of acquiring and cash turnover for banks and retail.
SoftCase specialise in processing discount, bonus and gift cards, maintenance of ATMs and PIN pads. Among their clients are Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB24 Bank, Svyaznoy Bank, and many other banks and payment processing companies.
Sberbank of Russia is the largest Russian acquirer bank with a long history on the merchant acquiring market, its own processing centre and a team of highly qualified specialists.
Hotel management systems
Hotel Manager Assistant Ecvi is a cloud system for managing hotels, rental apartments, and hostels. This is a new hotel management solution from Edelweiss, a company with 20 years of experience in automation. Ecvi can be used for automating both large chains of hotels and individual hostels. Ecvi has various integration modules with websites, specialised sales channels, fiscal registers, and the migration registration system. It also has a direct connection with
The hotel management system Edelweiss allows you to automate reception, accounting, and management tasks. It consolidates information and gathers data from partner systems, which allows for complex automation structures.
OPERA Enterprise Solution is a full-fledged automation system for HoReCa businesses. OPERA offers effective and easy deployment for smaller, independent single hotels and multi-property hotel chains. In Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries, Opera Enterprise Solution is represented by HRS, an official distributor of the Micros-Fidelio company.
Libra Hospitality focuse on providing effective IT solutions and services for automating hospitality businesses. Their solutions include the Epitome PMS hotel management system, a web booking module, and the Libra OnDemand CRM system.
Hotel Intellect Style (Russian Hotel) is a management automation system for hotels, resorts, and recreation centres. The system allows you to automate almost all business processes of a hotel. In Russia and the CIS countries, this software is developed and provided by the Russian Hotel Company.
Electronic menu
eMenu is an interactive digital menu that allows the guest to get to know the full variety of offered food and drinks and place an order or ask for the bill at any time without a waiter.
The cloud phone service company operating on the Russian market since 1999 provide a convenient web service with IP technology, a virtual PBX with a wide array of functions, a CRM systems integration mechanism and all that you need to ensure personalised customer service.
Octell is a communication platform for automating contact centres of large and medium businesses. This technological solution ensures business processes integration, a comprehensive customer service quality control and cost optimisation.
FastOperator is a smart solution for automating the entire delivery cycle. It is a perfect fit for companies that take and deliver orders.
The 1C system is created to automate management and accounting in various industries. It contains solutions for complex automation of production, retail, and service enterprises, as well as products for managing finances of holdings and individual companies, bookkeeping, payrolls, HR management. It also has industry-specific and customised solutions developed both by 1C and its partners. The 1C system is developed and distributed by the 1C company.
Draft beer
SKBARA is a system for controlling the sales of drinks in clubs, bars, and restaurants. The SKBARA system allows you to keep a close eye on tap drinks, prevent theft, minimize losses, increase the service speed and revenue and to receive reports in real time. In Russia, the system is developed and distributed by the SKBARA company.
The MultiSoft Group produce till equipment and develop information security products.