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Tillypad XL is a hospitality management system ideally suited to restaurants, cafes, clubs, cafeterias, catering and entertainment facilities. It helps you easily increase the efficiency of your venue and raise your profits.
Tillypad XL optimises all business processes, whether they concern taking orders; making payments; communicating with kitchen staff; setting up loyalty programs; managing menus, stock, goods and recipes; handling stock control, stock-in and stock-out records, and inventory; managing human resources; or general management of a venue. With Tillypad XL, you have quick access to sales, net cost, income and food cost data, as well as to financial, marketing and analytical reports.
Our clients are consistently satisfied with Tillypad XL because it's
Fast, Informative, And Technologically Advanced
These three key features are crucial to running your business smoothly and successfully. But what does this mean in practice?

Fast: A high-speed knockout
Tillypad provides you the speed you need in all aspects of operation. This means waiters can work faster, from the moment they take an order all the way through to when the final bill is settled. It means your storekeeper or bookkeeper can create a stock-in record, stock item or recipe; create an inventory; or make a request directly on a POS terminal or tablet in virtually no time at all. Tasks like retrieving sales or other reports take only a few seconds.
Each of these time-saving capabilities means improved service and higher revenue for you.

Informative: All data at your fingertips
Tillypad XL ensures that system data are updated in real time and can be accessed in mere milliseconds. What does that offer you? Complete, up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips!
When you make changes to a menu or stop list, your waiters instantly see these updates on their mobile devices or POS terminals. Kitchen staff also receive all necessary information on the kitchen display as it is updated. This includes: what has been ordered at which table, guests' comments on their dishes, and which orders need to be prepared first because of time constraints. Need analytics or a particular report? By pressing a single button, you can instantaneously receive the reports you need with data updated to the second. Moreover, Tillypad XL can send you information about your restaurant via email or SMS (either on a schedule or in conjunction with certain events). In addition, the Tillypad XL system will inform you when you need to interfere and make changes, a feature that will allow you to constantly improve your service.
With our system, your business is laid out before you - you know everything!

Advanced technology: A necessary foundation
A house is only as strong as its foundation. We chose Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to be Tillypad XL’s foundation because it is the most recent, best-equipped database, and our continued success with Microsoft has elevated us to the status of silver partner. Tillypad XL is also an open system, adaptable to your specific needs. Its configuration and integration capabilities know no limits, and all the information you need to make the system work best for you can be accessed in our online help resources.
Tillypad XL is a good fit for businesses of all sizes. Beginner restaurateurs and industry juggernauts alike can get started quickly and exercise full control over their venues, regardless of the number and locations of their branches. Even venues scattered across different countries are easily manageable with this well-coordinated system. With Tillypad XL, your main office can set uniform standards for all its venues and guarantee unwavering compliance with these standards—important steps in your business’s path to success. We offer unique opportunities and favourable terms for chain projects and franchise holders who strive for global growth and are prepared to modernise their businesses.
The Tillypad XL system helps your business grow and grows along with it!