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Case studies

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'Zhora, Zhar!' in Ivanovo
Opened in the end of December 2017 in Ivanovo, 'Zhora, Zhar!' ('Grill, George!') is a new street food place to drop in for a pint of craft beer and a burger. As experienced restaurateurs, the owners knowingly chose Tillypad as their automation solution. In fact, they have already been using it for a few years for their other restaurant chain project.
Little Paris in Lipetsk
In the beginning of September, Le petit Paris, a homely café in the centre of Lipetsk, welcomed its first customers. This French-style bistro has been automated with Tillypad. The specialists of our representative in Lipetsk configured several types of loyalty programmes and organised the employee meal system.
Friends Family Foools: a new free-flow project in Moscow
Opened in the middle of August, Friends Family Foools is a new bistro in the centre of Moscow, on Maroseyka Street. The restaurant uses Tillypad’s club system for automation: as you enter the restaurant, you get a smart card to which all your orders are added; and when you decide to leave, you can pay for the total of all your orders saved on the card.
Tillypad from dusk till dawn
This August, Tillypad automated two more brand new venues in the UK: a night club and a breakfast café. Let’s hear these stories: a new London nightclub, Kings Bull, the opening party of which took place on 28 August, is not easy to get in. To become a member of this nightclub one has to apply online for a membership card granting access to an unlimited number of parties throughout one year.
The world's first gadget restaurant: how it works
Opened in May 2017 in Moscow, Gadget Studio is marketed as the first ever gadget restaurant in the world. The venue is multifunctional with a restaurant/bar, a co-working area, a lecture hall and a showroom, where you can learn about the latest tech innovations. The owners plan to introduce a new service: shortly you will be able to have your devices fixed while you are waiting for your order, or even buy new gadgets. The person behind this project is Nikolay Turubar, former editor of the Tech Guide of Men's Health and the founder of and, the sites dedicated to gadgets and technologies. 
GALA—an entertainment complex near Ashgabat
Yet another large site in Turkmenistan, the entertainment complex called GALA with restaurants and an outdoor waterpark, has been automated by Tillypad. The opening ceremony of GALA took place on 28 June, 2017 and was honoured with the presence of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. Located in a scenic ravine, GALA blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape of the Kopet Dagh, the mountain range on the frontier between Turkmenistan and Iran. Inspired by the historical and cultural legacy of the Central Asia, the architects of the project designed the building in the medieval style: it resembles an ancient citadel surrounded by the defensive wall from the three sides.
Trapeza: homemade cheese & so much more
The town of Belokurikha, situated in Altai Krai, Russia, is known as a natural health resort since the 19th century. Located at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level, it lies at the bottom of the mountain, where thermal radon-containing springs come to the surface. Since the very first day, it has been working on Tillypad.
New clients of Tillypad in Ivanovo
In 2017, several interesting venues opened their doors in Ivanovo where Tillypad is officially represented by Individual Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Odinets. Here are some details.
Tillypad in Dom Kultury, Chelyabinsk
Shisha lounge Dom Kultury is one of the first venues of such type that had been opened in Chelyabinsk long before hookahs became a fashionable and popular trend. This cosy lounge bar is located in the very heart of the city, but in spite of its proximity to the local Main Street, university campuses and parks, one can seldom meet a passer-by who came here by chance. No signboard and black glass doors add to the privacy of the place: you can find out about it only by word of mouth or through social networks.
Two completely different Tillypad customers in Moscow
This spring, Optimal Soft, Tillypad’s official representative in Moscow, completed automation of two venues with virtually different concepts: a family and kid friendly restaurant Matreshka, and a vibrant karaoke night-club Shmeli. Here are the stories of these two projects.
Tillypad in Samara
In April, our partner Toller has automated a cafe called 'Oil-painting' with Tillypad. The owner has played around with the name of the cafe when creating the interior design. When guests come in, they see an 'art gallery' where French cuisine is served.
Yastva delivers with Tillypad
In the end of 2016, the Yastva delivery service finished its migration to Tillypad. Tillypad now ensures smooth operation of all their business processes. It helps take orders in call centres, which distribute them among different restaurants. Moreover, Tillypad helps to build a relationship with regular customers, attract new clients, manage couriers, monitor stock levels in each venue, plan supplies, and keep all kinds of records. Keeping a business in the highly competitive market of the megalopolis is not an easy task. The success of Yastva is based on their system approach to all processes and constant monitoring of new trends in technology, customer service and marketing. Implementation of Tillypad has impacted all of these aspects.
Tillypad in Linden House
In July 2015, we published an article about the implementation of Tillypad into the The Vine Restaurant at Great Bardfield, a popular English restaurant near London. Over the past two years the success of this business has allowed owners Steve and Tanya Mann to expand their operation with the introduction of a premium boutique hotel and restaurant, Linden House. Recommended by The Times as one of the best places to stay in the area Linden House has also been awarded five stars by visit England.
Tillypad on the steep slopes of HILLPARK
In January, ITLip—our partner in Lipetsk—has completed a challenging and rewarding project. They used Tillypad to automate HILLPARK, a ski resort for the entire family. Want to know how guests can pay for their meals throughout the entire resort by using their ski passes? Just keep reading!
Tillypad in a hot springs resort
In November, a new thermal resort opened some 25 miles away from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Thermae of Alexandria is a hotel with a hot water pool, spacious restaurant, juice bar and multiple saunas. Tillypad enables the guests to pay with entry bracelets throughout their entire stay at the resort.
Mr Stefan Braun has come to Russia
This autumn, Mr Stefan Braun, a popular club brand in Europe, opened its first venue in Lipetsk, Russia. And it became a client of Tillypad.  For the last 14 years, Mr Stefan Braun has been in the top list of the best night clubs on the Balkans. In Belgrade and Ljulbljana, Podgorica and Budva, on the Adriatic Sea beaches and in private venues—no matter where you are, you're in for a hot night when Mr Stefan Braun runs the show.
In an ancient English B&B
Tillypad have partnered with a historic guest house and restaurant located in the charming Shropshire village of Norbury. The Coach House has a rich history dating back to the 17th Century and is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty just 16 miles south of one of England’s finest medieval market towns, Shrewsbury.
A chain of healthy food works on Tillypad
This summer, the APK Company automated Selderey, the first chain of healthy food restaurants in Perm. The project was launched by Diet Lab that deliver healthy lunches and now also work on Tillypad.
Over 30 restaurants of the Nordcity holding company work on Tillypad
In 2015-2016, over 30 sites of the Nordcity management company were automated with Tillypad. Most of them are fast food restaurants located in shopping malls of Vologda, Velikiy Novgorod and Syktyvkar. In addition, Nordcity also has the House pizza delivery service, a few conceptual restaurants, coffee houses and bars (Lucky Star, Shtof, Yorsh,, which also work on Tillypad nowadays. Each restaurant is the holding company's property and each one goes through a full management cycle, from developing the concept to operational and other types of management.
Tillypad in 'Malibu' located near Moscow
Another large site in the Moscow region — Malibu, a hotel and entertainment complex, has upgraded to the latest version of Tillypad. The size of the resort and the high number of restaurants and entertainment centres determined the time required for the upgrade.
Marketplace is now in Moscow
In the beginning of May, Marketplace, a well-known restaurant chain in St. Petersburg, opened its first venue in Moscow. Just like its 10 restaurants in St. Petersburg, the new Marketplace in Moscow is divided into isle stations with open kitchens and has been automated by TechnoEngineering (Restocreator project).
Eight years, eight venues
Gerkules, a Kaliningrad's holding company combining eight different venues, has been working with Tillypad for eight years. This restaurant group contains a large and one of the city's most popular European cuisine restaurants with its own brewery (Gerkules), several pizzerias and trattorias, and a hotel restaurant. Two of eight venues of the restaurant chain are located outside of the city, in Zelenogradsk and Chernyakhovsk.
Tillypad in Chelyabinsk's most heartwarming restaurant
In February, a new restaurant, Rodnya ('Kinfolk' in Russian), opened on the main pedestrian street of Chelyabinsk. It has an unusual concept: their official legend says that all employees are relatives, and instead of the usual discount cards, customers receive a 'kin card'. Guests are promised a warm welcome from the hostess, hearty servings carefully prepared by the Russian and Georgian chefs and a heartwarming ambience that reminds one of good family traditions.
In one of the world's most northern clubs
One of the world's most northern cities, Norilsk, has a ruthless drawn-out winter, long polar days and a bright midnight sun. The harsh arctic climate and sunny summer nights have made clubbing one of the most popular entertainments. Club One is different from other dance floors in Norilsk — it only starts getting empty around midday thanks to its singular mind-blowing and crowd-gathering afterparties.
In the first craft beer pub in Chelyabinsk
Double L does not have a regular bar list: new sorts of beers appear on and disappear from the chalkboard, while the chef keeps experimenting with the menu. This approach is profitable and easy to use: Tillypad reports read by the management of the company at the end of each week help determine the most marginal items and the most popular combination of items. In most cases, the 'dish/drink' pairs match those recommended by barmen: In Double L, guests can not only learn about the singular characteristics of a given beer and the beer culture of its country of origins, but also ask for recommendations and get dishes that go best with this particular beer.
Tillypad has lit up the New Star
Along with a change of management, Tillypad's upgrade has become an integral part of the complex modernisation of the hotel infrastructure. The program's update in the hotel's restaurant and lobby bar has not only presented New Star with the opportunities that its "little brother", City Star hotel, had from its first day, but has also significantly facilitated its business processes and accounting. The management first familiarised themselves with the new version of Tillypad in City Star, after which their decision to uniformise and synchronise the two versions of the program became irrevocable.
To the envy of all: Chelyabinsk's Envy works with Tillypad
A short menu and a small dining room are offset by a long wine list, as well as unusual dishes and rare wines. In Envy, guests can try trout from local fish farms, wines that are not sold in supermarkets and steaks grilled over a live fire. Sitting by the open kitchen, they can watch the preparation of their food and cocktails.
Two cafes — one Tillypad
SoftAlyans Company has automated two cafes in Zheleznodorozhny, a suburb of Moscow. Even though these two venues have absolutely different menus and concepts, uniting them into a formal restaurant chain has allowed the owners to keep track of their business figures in one user-friendly interface.
A supermarket chain is now working with Tillypad
Shugyla, a minimarket chain in the South East of Kazakhstan, has been automated with Tillypad. Soft Park, Tillypad's dealer in Kazakhstan, has integrated two stores located in different towns into a single chain and synchronised data on one server.
Updated Tillypad in the centre of Moscow
You would think that finding an affordable and cosy cafe where you can quietly read a book in the very centre of Moscow is close to impossible. However, such a cafe has been open for seven years and has been operating on Tillypad since its first day. Coffee Cherry on Tverskaya Street has a relaxed and laid-back ambience that is so rarely found in Moscow's usual rush and buzz. For this small-sized cafe, one POS terminal proved to be more than sufficient, especially since the update of Tillypad has made the customer service in Coffee Cherry even faster.
Tillypad in Moscafe
Seven years after its opening, Moscafe, a legendary restaurant in Moscow, has updated Tillypad and complemented the classic equipment with new mobile devices. The new technological solutions, such as the use of tablets, are a nice add-on for the general ambience of Moscafe where the fashionable interior design and gastronomic polish set the guests for an unforgettable evening.
Tillypad in Turkmenabat's largest shopping mall
In the beginning of 2016, a huge shopping mall, Dowrebap Market, opened its doors in Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan's second-largest city. With over 26 square yards of floor space, the mall contains an in-house bakery, a spacious food store, Turkmen brand shops, a children's play set and a supermarket. After the customers finish their shopping, they can relax in one of the three restaurants on the last floor of the mall.
Tillypad meets the sunrise in Krasnodar
Voskhod (which in Russian stands for 'sunrise') opened a new restaurant, Russian Seasons, in Krasnodar. The new restaurant was opened on the basis of the same-name restaurant with a 50-year history and has incorporated the best South Russian hospitality and Russian cuisine traditions. Commitment to the classics and traditions go here hand in hand with modern IT technologies.
Tillypad in Afimall City
Afimall City is a large shopping mall in Moscow, and Tillypad is now used in its newest fast food restaurant, One Dim Sum. The baseline concept behind One Dim Sum is that of the haute Pan-Asian cuisine. However, the owners have adapted this concept to the healthy fast food format and turned steamed dumplings, dim sums and rolls into casual food. Tillypad's Fast Food mode turned out to be a smart solution for this restaurant frequented by the employees of the nearby Moscow City business centre and the visitors and staff of the shopping mall.
Tillypad in the space capital
Soft Alliance Company has automated the Baraban bar in Korolyov, a suburb of Moscow, well-known as the cradle of Soviet and Russian space exploration. The bar was overbooked not just on the opening day but also the following weekend, and Baraban's management decided to implement a deposit system to be able to predict the bar occupancy rate in the future. The deposit amount is linked to the table and depends on how many people a given table can seat. This system ensures that the waiters and administrators will not make any mistakes or misuse their position when accepting payments.
Tillypad has united the capitals of Kazakhstan
Tillypad helps serve the guests, keep records and monitor the development dynamics of two burger stations located in two largest cities of Kazakhstan: in Astana, the capital of the country, and in Almaty, Kazakhstan's ex-capital. These venues, situated over 600 miles from each other, are united not only through the centralised management, but also by the shared concept vision. 
New Wave and new Tillypad
In December, New Wave, one of Belgorod's most elegant banquet halls, has updated its interior design, opened an exhibit area and upgraded to the latest version of Tillypad. New features of Tillypad 9.5 have made their customer service even faster and gave the management more freedom to create various bonus programmes and incentive systems.
High technologies for an excellent service
Salam is yet another popular Ashgabat-based restaurant that has been recently automated with Tillypad. The exclusive concept of the restaurant is based on excellent cuisine, professional design of eight theme-based VIP rooms, and multiple technical solutions that please the guests and prevent any service delays.
Tillypad at the birthplace of Britain’s films
In October, a new bright, spacious Italian restaurant opened its doors in Greater London. Thanks to Tillypad, communication among waiters, the two cooking preparation areas and the bar is smooth and straightforward. After guests choose their drinks, waiters immediately send these orders to the bar from their handhelds and continue taking customers’ dish orders and adding them to the open guest tab. Orders for food are then sent to the cook or pizza chef automatically. Once waiters finish taking a table’s order, they can proceed straight to the bar, where the drinks they submitted only moments ago already await them.
Amici, a real Italian restaurant in Yorkshire
In the Northern English town of Keighley, Amici Ristorante, one of the best Italian restaurants in West Yorkshire, has switched to Tillypad. After only a single day with Tillypad, all of Amici's employees were raving about the new program — waiters now submit orders in the blink of an eye. The restaurant’s managers have quickly mastered the system, while its owners have been able to identify new prospects for development thanks to Tillypad's insightful reports.
Tillypad soars up to the 'Clouds'
Chelyabinsk's highest restaurant has opened on the 27th floor of the BOVID business centre. Like the other 10+ venues of the BOVID holding company, the Clouds restaurant has been automated with Tillypad. Clouds’ location, luxurious interior design and fine cuisine demand nothing less than impeccability. At a restaurant that always has to be at its best, delays and mixups are unacceptable. Tillypad, having proved itself to be a fast and reliable program, has once again been selected by the owners.
Tillypad on St. Petersburg's Steak Club
Steak Club, one of St. Petersburg's most popular steak houses, which also features its own food truck, has been automated with Tillypad. This automation project was designed and implemented by Katran Pro, which provides software and consulting services for restaurants.
Tillypad at the Pine Forest hotel
Tillypad is now in Pine Forest, a hotel in a ‘green’ area of the city of Ivanovo. The low-rise hotel, which features spacious rooms, family-friendly cottages, sauna and spa complexes and swimming pools, as well as a restaurant, bar, summer terrace, conference room and beauty clinic, spreads out across four acres near a sprawling pine forest.
Tillypad in the heart of Nizhny Novgorod
October saw the opening of De Kas, a large European restaurant in the city centre of Nizhny Novgorod, an important economic, transportation and cultural centre approximately 400 km east of Moscow. Tillypad was chosen to automate De Kas because of its flexibility and compatibility with almost every software solution available on the market.
Tillypad at the service of BUREAU, a street food chain in St. Petersburg, Russia
In September, iconic St. Petersburg street food chain BUREAU opened the doors of its long-awaited third location. Like its first two burger bars, the new location operates using Tillypad. The system was chosen and installed when the first venue was launched, and to this day, Tillypad assists the bar in upholding its high standards and continuing its successful development. Fast, smooth customer service and elegant tools for quickly evaluating new menu items help the restaurant chain to consistently diversify its menu and systematically 'take hold of' St. Petersburg’s central districts.
Tender, juicy chicken with a side of Tillypad
AST (which in Turkmen stands for 'very juicy chicken'), a fast food restaurant chain with three locations in Ashgabat, has replaced its previous automation system with Tillypad. A trial conversion to Tillypad was carried out along with the opening of its second restaurant. Later, when the concept was expanded to a third location, Tillypad's Turkmenistan dealer Akmurad Annageldyev proposed merging all the AST restaurants into a single chain. AST’s owners were impressed by the chain management options available through Tillypad and decided to set up administration of their restaurants from a central office.
A new open self-service concept in Ivanovo
Tillypad has helped 'transform' yet another cosy cafe. Boulevard, a homestyle restaurant in Ivanovo, has made the switch from an 'evening' a la carte format to the more affordable open-plan self-service style. Over the past five years, a concept known as 'free flow '— a self-service dining format in which guests move among several food stations in an open area — has gained popularity in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Now, thanks to Tillypad, this casual format has reached even the 'city of brides', Ivanovo. The concept offers several obvious advantages — it is no coincidence that it has become a favourite among those who want even their work lunches to taste like homecooked meals, in addition to being balanced, affordable and easy to eat quickly.
Tillypad at Russian Feast: cutting-edge technologies keep watch over time-honoured traditions
Russian Feast, a welcoming restaurant-museum in the popular St. Petersburg suburb of Pushkin, has been automated with Tillypad. Here long-standing Russian traditions stand side by side with the latest technologies: the restaurant’s stationary POS terminals have been replaced with fast, inexpensive Android tablets. From taking orders to accepting payments, from reserving tables to running stock inventories — every operation happens instantaneously and in the proper location. Since the restaurant’s waiters are completely mobile, sending an order to the kitchen takes only a few seconds, and administrators can roam freely to oversee and manage restaurant activity.
Yet another UK implementation: Tillypad at Barley Mow
With each month, the number of Tillypad's UK customers continues to grow. Tillypad's British office is located in the very middle of the country in the county of Warwickshire. Its employees promote and implement the program in restaurants, cafes and pubs all over the United Kingdom. In the beginning of September, Tillypad was set up in Barley Mow, a traditional English pub, winning the support and loyalty of yet another great restaurant.
Tillypad at the 10th anniversary of Kaliningrad City Jazz
From 31 July to 2 August, the summer stage at Kaliningrad’s central park played host to the 10th annual international Kaliningrad City Jazz festival. An open air food court was placed next to the amphitheatre and seating area built for the event.  Seven fast food booths and one VIP restaurant for honorary guests, all automated with Tillypad XL, were opened to festivalgoers.  
Tillypad XL and interactive service in the ‘Ocean’
On 20 July, Turkmenistan’s largest city, Ashgabat, saw the opening of Ocean, a new restaurant that has been automated with Tillypad XL. One of the major goals Ocean's owners have is to make guests as comfortable as possible. They believe that guests must have the most clear and up-to-date information and should not be inconvenienced by having to look around or wait for the waiter. With this thought in mind, Ocean’s automation included the installation of top-of-the-line technologies.
The largest fitness centre in Ashgabat now uses Tillypad XL
In June 2015, Tillypad XL was used to automate the Lotus fitness club in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. The new health club is located in Turkmenistan's largest shopping mall (Berkarar) and offers its members unparalleled space, services and equipment. Tillypad XL performs multiple tasks at the club, including overseeing the client entry procedure, customer account management and support of all operations at the smoothie bar.
Tillypad XL in The Vine, one of Britain's first eno-gastro pubs
In the beginning of July, Tillypad UK completed the automation of The Vine, a gastropub located in historic Great Bardfield, just 30 miles away from London. The Tillypad XL feature that has been most useful for The Vine has been the option to log staff hours on the POS terminal. When employees arrive at work, they each log in to the POS terminal to mark the start of their shift. The proprietors receive reports showing the hours worked by the cooks, waiters and barmen — with this information, running payroll is a cinch.
Jamaica print studios now use Tillypad XL
The ‘Jamaica’ fabric print studio chain, a well-known St. Petersburg staple, has been automated with Tillypad XL. T-shirts and sweatshirts are finished here as quickly as fast food burgers and fries, and sales recordkeeping no longer requires the manual drudgery of Excel.
Tillypad XL brings Europe and Asia together
In late June, Plymouth’s new Authentic Sichuan Chinese Restaurant was automated with Tillypad XL. The automation of Sichuan needed to take into account the linguistic diversity of its team and patrons; not all employees speak both English and Chinese, and not all guests can read English-language receipts. Tillypad XL’s multilingual features have easily accommodated these needs. 
Two venues – one solution
The Grandison restaurant and the Pig&Truffle pub have joined the ranks of Tillypad clients in the UK. With Tillypad XL, the owner of these establishments can successfully develop his business, and his staff now work much faster. The right automation system is the ticket to success!
Tillypad is now in Beerburg
On June 19, the city of Lipetsk saw the opening of Beerburg, the first bar venue from the draught beer boutique chain of the same name. The bar was automated by the Market Master company, which specialises in software implementation and configuration in shops and restaurants.
Tillypad XL brings cultures together
Tillypad XL is now in the Republic of Kalmykia, a region in the south of Russia. In early March 2015, the Taltakhna company completed automation of the Chachir cafe in Elista, Kalmykia’s capital city. Chachir is a locale that will undoubtedly strike the fancy of the residents of Elista. Its owners, experienced in managing several large Moscow-based franchise chains, drew on their knowledge to implement successful administrative and culinary solutions at Chachir.
Tillypad in the ‘London’ of Kaliningrad
Tillypad is back in Kaliningrad, this time to automate the London gastropub, which has recently opened in one of the region’s historic buildings. Before 1938, this building was the home of the consulate general of the USSR in Königsberg. Later, in the 1970s, a well-known seafood shop was located here.
Tillypad and the electronic menu make their way around Lipetsk
Two more venues in Lipetsk have been automated using Tillypad XL.  New Tillypad dealer 123 have set up and implemented the Tillypad XL software in the Chainik cafe and the Karaoke art club, both of which are located in a historical building in the very heart of Lipetsk, within easy reach of the city administration and central park.
Tillypad XL beyond the Arctic circle
In the beginning of April in northwest Siberia, the VIS Group’s Novy Urengoy gas and chemical plant opened a second cafeteria automated with Tillypad XL. After all its facilities are completed, this plant will become Russia's largest polyethylene production centre. It is expected that the total number of employees at the station will exceed 7,000.
Tillypad XL in the cafeteria of one of Russia’s largest banks
The employee cafeteria in the office of one of Russia’s largest banks is now automated with Tillypad XL. Here, the 'club system' has been selected as the preferred service approach, a first for the St. Petersburg corporate catering sphere.
High-end French cuisine in the traditional English style. Tillypad XL in Bakewell
At the end of March, the Tillypad UK team completed a full automation of Piedaniel’s, a French restaurant located in the very centre of picturesque Bakewell. When choosing an automation system, they were just as careful and meticulous as they are when developing new recipes.  The automation of Piedaniel’s was meant not only to save the staff from painstaking customer service-related paperwork, but also to propel the restaurant to a new level.
Tillypad XL and the best British hospitality traditions
The Crown Inn has joined the ranks of Tillypad's UK clients. The Crown Inn is a traditional British pub an hour away from Nottingham. Located in the southeast of Nottinghamshire county — an area renowned for its popular tour routes—The Crown Inn is rightly beloved by all who set off on a journey to discover the authentic England of yore. Visitors’ high opinion of this venue is confirmed by its TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and the exclusively positive reviews it has received on the travel website.
Tillypad XL at Big Kitchen
Yet another project from Food Retail Group —the ‘Big Kitchen’ restaurant — has implemented Tillypad XL. The two independent open kitchens and wine bar located in different areas of this vast restaurant require a precise automation system.  In a 16,000-square-foot room, delays are not an option. The almost instantaneous data exchange among divisions in the restaurant, as well as the system’s customisable interface and features, save the staff from unnecessary screen touches and confusion about orders and payments.
An automated 'journey'
A new location of the Marketplace restaurant chain has opened on the fourth floor of the busy Galeria shopping mall in the centre of St. Petersburg. Its innovative automation project, implemented for the first time in Russia, may become a new industry trend. The idea, built on the technology of the Tillypad XL system, was carried out by the TechnoEngineering company (Restocreator project).
The sweetest chain in St. Petersburg
The Bushe bakery has joined the ranks of Tillypad XL users The Elf-M company, a longstanding partner of Tillypad, was in charge of automating this popular sweet shop chain’s venues. For over 15 years, Bushe has been indulging residents of Russia’s northern capital with delicious bakery treats.
Speed and increased revenue? Easy as pie!
Thanks to Tillypad XL, our clients in Taman, a region in the south of Russia, have increased their daily revenue by an average of 20%. This has also been made possible by the Soft-Service company, a longstanding Tillypad partner in Kransnodar.
Success comes from attention to detail
Two more popular venues in the London metro area have implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
New sites are the best kind of customer appreciation
The largest shopping mall of Turkmenistan has come back to automate more of its venues with Tillypad XL!
Tillypad XL: The numbers don't lie
Yet another three businesses in the centre of St. Petersburg have implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system: Taiheo sushi bar, Centre bar, and Bistro cafe.
The Duo gastrobar is a rare find!
In Saint Petersburg, a new kind of restaurant has opened up, and although it will likely never be considered mainstream, it nonetheless will never cease to be popular.
Save a million on purchases
A new feature of the Tillypad XL automation system allows us to control the purchase price of products at the stage of creating stock-in records, therefore discouraging corrupt practices among restaurant staff.
Tillypad XL: half a minute for lunch
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system ensures efficient operation in the canteens of Sevuralboksitruda JSC, Russia’s main supplier of bauxite.
Tito Avantgarde: a true family restaurant
This popular restaurant with an unusual service concept has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad XL in Turkmenistan
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is now in Turkmenistan! Our partner Akmurad Annageldyev has implemented the system in the fast food locations of the most prestigious shopping centre in Turkmenistan.
Tillypad XL is at the Zenith
Joint projects of Tillypad XL and the TPF Zenith holding company: different venue types do not interfere with the efficiency of the central management.
Tillypad XL: quick service – higher profit
With the Tillypad XL hospitality management system, the Spice Exchange restaurant (UK) now serves its guests faster, thus increasing its revenue.
Tillypad XL: size does not matter
Tillypad XL hospitality management system ensures efficient management of the restaurant chain 'Bavaria'.
The Church Inn: a bar with a long pedigree
The Church Inn gastropub in Birmingham is now using the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad XL in the beer restaurant chain Berliner
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is used in the Moscow-based restaurant chain Berliner, in the Shakespeare bar, and has recently been implemented in the Beerstrasse restaurant chain.
Tillypad XL and the new "library" on Nevsky Prospect
Food Retail Group has recently presented a new restaurant project named Biblioteka Food and the City, which has been automated with the help of Tillypad XL.
Tree thousands pucks for a bar
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system was introduced in KHL Bar – the best sport catering facility in Chelyabinsk!
Tillypad XL in Liverpool
The Tillypad XL Hospitality Management System has been installed in Liverpool’s dry bar The Brink. Not a drop of alcohol is sold here; instead, guests will be able to enjoy an excellent cuisine, amicable atmosphere and a diverse and interesting programme of events.
Tillypad XL in "Valenki"
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system has been installed in the restaurant complex "Valenki" in Kaliningrad, a Russian city in the center of Europe.
Mikado meets Tillypad XL
Mikado, the Krasnoyarsk chain of bars, has selected the Tillypad XL hospitality management system for its facilities.
Metropolitan flavour of Samsung
The hospitality management system Tillypad XL ensures successful operation of cafeteria in Samsung Corporation head office in Moscow.
Tillypad XL is introduced to a patisserie
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is in active use by the Krem patisserie, which is a part of the Food Retail Group holding company.
Sgt. Pepper's bar and the Rakovaya No.1 crayfish restaurant of Krasnodar
Two of the best-known bars of Krasnodar has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad and Shalyapin: the best partners for a successful chain
Shalyapin, a leading restaurant chain in St Petersburg, has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system. The system was installed by Elf-M, a long-standing Tillypad partner.
Tillypad XL in the best multiplex theater of Kazakhstan
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system has been installed in Kinopark11 Esentai, the largest digital movie theater of Kazakhstan.
Tillypad XL in the best hotel in Chelyabinsk
Bovid, a Chelyabinsk holding company, has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system for its hotels.
Tillypad XL in Sicaffe, an international coffeehouse brand
The Sicaffe international coffee house chain has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system. The system has been installed by Elf-M, a long-term Tillypad partner.
Pyaniy Straus in Chelyabinsk
The PROXY-SERVICE Ural company has installed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in the Pyaniy Straus dance pub (literally, the Drunken Ostrich). The company has thereby given the pub a unique way of registering the amount of draft beer that is served.
English fast food a la Italia
The Tillypad company has installed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in Sub Xpress, a fast food restaurant with perfect cuisine half an hour from the London downtown.
Bengel & Zaek: sweet life
The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is a recipe for success of the Bengel & Zaek restaurant & pastry shop.
Raivola always chooses Tillypad
The Elf-M company has introduced the Tillypad XL hospitality management system to Raivola, a country hotel on the Karelian Isthmus.
King John Inn and Tillypad XL - quality in unison
The Tillypad company has deployed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in the King John Inn, one of South-west England's finest culinary establishments.
In Ivanovo Tillypad XL have found cosy Provans and Sytny Ugol
Two cafeterias in Ivanovo – Provans and Sytny Ugol – have introduced Tillypad XL restaurant management system. The project has been implemented by Systema Service company.
Marakana and Tillypad XL is a perfect match
IT Premier, a new Tillypad partner in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovskaya oblast, has incorporated Tillypad XL hospitality management system in Marakana club.
Liga Counts on Tillypad XL
Liga stavok, a chain of betting offices, has chosen Tillypad XL hospitality management system to incorporate it into all its locations in Moscow.
Tillypad XL chosen by ‘Troy’
Krasnodar’s hotel and entertainment complex 'Troy' has chosen the restaurant management suite Tillypad XL.
'Europe' selects Tillypad XL
Tillypad has deployed Tillypad XL in the renovated hospitality centre Europe, which includes 14 facilities.
The Park Hotel and Tillypad XL are awaiting guests in Togliatti
The Toller company has deployed the hospitality management system Tillypad XL in five locations of the Park Hotel, comprised within the hotel complex in Togliatti.
Kazakhstan: Tillypad XL in the restaurant chain ARKA
Mehanka biznesa has deployed the Tillypad XL restaurant management suite in the chain of restaurants ARKA in Kazakhstan.
Tillypad XL: Welcome to the hotel Belovodye
The IT Concept has modernised the resort hotel Belovodye by deploying the Tillypad XL hospitality management system there.
Frikadelki Restaurant Chain and Corporate Service
In the framework of a long-term partnership Tillypad has assisted Frikadelki restaurant chain in implementing the corporate service solutions based on Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
A new project called Bubble Mania started in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
A café of an unusual type — tea station, — Bubble Mania, has recently opened in Saint-Petersburg, Russia using the  Tillypad XL restaurant business management suite.
Tillypad XL in the Saint-Petersburg Broadway
The Tellur company has deployed the Tillypad XL hospitality management suite in the recently opened restaurant Broadway in Saint-Petersburg.
Tillypad XL at Mia Pizza in Saratov
The chain of pizza restaurants Mia Pizza in Saratov has deployed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in two of its restaurants.
Tillypad XL at Marcelli’s
A new restaurant of the Italian chain Marcelli’s has recently opened in Saint Petersburg. The restaurant chain uses Tillypad XL in all its restaurants.
Tillypad XL. Setting trends at Nebar in Kazakhstan
Tillypad XL was installed and deployed in newly opened night club Nebar in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Tillypad XL in the finest club of Pyatigorsk
Oleg Yechevski, owner of the elite Yechevski Club in the picturesque city of Pyatigorsk, already had successful previous experience with Tillypad XL and Vetriks, Tillypad's partner in Pyatigorsk. Vetriks previously installed Tillypad XL in the exclusive 'Bed' club owned by Oleg Yechevski, which is why Vetriks was chosen again to deploy Tillypad XL in the Yechevski Club.
Tillypad XL: Strike in Nizhny Novgorod
Tillypad XL is an excellent solution not only for restaurants but also for any entertainment and leisure industry applications. ITL has proved this once again by installing Tillypad XL in the Strike Zone sports and leisure centre.
Tillypad XL installed in Teplichnye Usloviya
Teplichnye Usloviya, a small, stylishly uncluttered and highly successful new restaurant in the very centre of Saint Petersburg, has installed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad XL gets an EGO boost
The Tillypad XL EPoS system is ideally suited to any type of HoReCa establishment. Tillypad's partner company Tellur proved this yet again by installing Tillypad XL in the EGO club cafe.
Tillypad XL in Warsteiner Forum
Restaurants in the style of German bars are always popular, especially in Saint Petersburg, where the locals know a thing or two about different types of beer. So it comes as no surprise that Warsteiner Forum, a restaurant decked out in traditional German style, has been around for almost twenty years. To keep popularity up where it should be, the owners decided to install the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad XL at the best restaurants in Vologda
Imagine a cinema where you are served pizza right to your seat, an original cuisine restaurant, a cafe where steaks are cooked right in front of you, a chain consisting of two restaurants and a canteen. What do they all have in common? The answer is Tillypad XL, an innovative hospitality management suite from Tillypad, used in all of them.
Tillypad XL at Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2011
The 15th Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum has been held in Saint-Petersburg. All business events were held in the LenExpo exhibition centre, in a business zone specifically prepared for the Forum and equipped with the most innovative technologies. Food and catering were organized by a leading catering company using the innovative hospitality management system Tillypad XL from Tillypad.
River, terrace, Tillypad XL, Krestovsky!
A new place for easy relaxation in the best traditions of resort living has appeared on the South road of Krestovsky island – VOSADULI restaurant.
Denizens of Nizhny have fun and make good choices
Tillypad XL has been installed on several catering and leisure sites in Nizhny Novgorod. It is unlikely that simple inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod have any idea what connects the downhill skiing, bowling and even billiards that are so popular in their flat landscape. But thanks to ITL, the regional Tillypad dealer, they have been connected since not long ago by a single Tillypad XL restaurant EPoS system.
Tillypad XL in Raiskii ugolok
What could be romantic about an EpoS system? Nothing! But thanks to Tillypad XL, love and mathematical approach have united for the good of romantically inclined Petersburgers! Today we will talk about the most romantic cafes in the south of the city and the stories of their creation.
Installation in the Pir goroy chain
The Vologda chain Pir goroy consists of two restaurants. Judging by their operational results we can assume that the format turned out to be correct and the prospects for future expansion of the chain are good. The owner is the firm Mastor, which owns a chain of grocery retail outlets. Tillypad dealer Eney carried out EPoS installation in this company's retail outlets and had already been providing technical support for a long time. Nonetheless, when the owners opened the first Pir goroy restaurant in autumn 2008, at their own initiative they installed an EPoS system from a competitor to Tillypad XL.
Catering management with Tillypad XL
Obedov was founded in 2002 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). For eight years, they grew into a large catering company providing their catering services to thousands of people. Obedov specialises in the three main directions: cooking and delivering lunches to offices, on-site event catering and contract services in organising lunches at enterprises.