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Case studies

Opened in the end of December 2017 in Ivanovo, 'Zhora, Zhar!' ('Grill, George!') is a new street food place to drop in for a pint of craft beer and a burger. As experienced restaurateurs, the owners knowingly chose Tillypad as their automation solution. In fact, they have already been using it for a few years for their other restaurant chain project.
Gerkules, a Kaliningrad's holding company combining eight different venues, has been working with Tillypad for eight years. This restaurant group contains a large and one of the city's most popular European cuisine restaurants with its own brewery (Gerkules), several pizzerias and trattorias, and a hotel restaurant. Two of eight venues of the restaurant chain are located outside of the city, in Zelenogradsk and Chernyakhovsk.
Double L does not have a regular bar list: new sorts of beers appear on and disappear from the chalkboard, while the chef keeps experimenting with the menu. This approach is profitable and easy to use: Tillypad reports read by the management of the company at the end of each week help determine the most marginal items and the most popular combination of items. In most cases, the 'dish/drink' pairs match those recommended by barmen: In Double L, guests can not only learn about the singular characteristics of a given beer and the beer culture of its country of origins, but also ask for recommendations and get dishes that go best with this particular beer.
Along with a change of management, Tillypad's upgrade has become an integral part of the complex modernisation of the hotel infrastructure. The program's update in the hotel's restaurant and lobby bar has not only presented New Star with the opportunities that its "little brother", City Star hotel, had from its first day, but has also significantly facilitated its business processes and accounting. The management first familiarised themselves with the new version of Tillypad in City Star, after which their decision to uniformise and synchronise the two versions of the program became irrevocable.
A short menu and a small dining room are offset by a long wine list, as well as unusual dishes and rare wines. In Envy, guests can try trout from local fish farms, wines that are not sold in supermarkets and steaks grilled over a live fire. Sitting by the open kitchen, they can watch the preparation of their food and cocktails.
SoftAlyans Company has automated two cafes in Zheleznodorozhny, a suburb of Moscow. Even though these two venues have absolutely different menus and concepts, uniting them into a formal restaurant chain has allowed the owners to keep track of their business figures in one user-friendly interface.