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Chain automation

The bigger a business is, the more difficult it is to manage. As an experienced restaurateur, you know this better than most. The Tillypad system is designed specifically for managing restaurant chains of any size or format. We have created it with the particular needs of multi-location businesses in mind. Tillypad is a reliable and useful tool that allows you to keep control over your business on all levels.
Power is in the hands of the informed
With Tillypad, data about your network as a whole and about each of your venues are at your fingertips. All necessary information arrives at the central office or on your computer: profits and losses, store and financial reports, stocktaking results, comparison reports, analytics and a host of other figures. These data can be displayed for the current date or for a selected date range.
To give you a comprehensive picture behind this mass of numbers, the Tillypad system organises all data. This way, you have a clear overview of how each site and your network in general are operating.
Centralised management – fast and easy
You can manage your chain even when you are out of the office. You have the power to send instructions at a moment’s notice to your entire chain or to selected locations. Menu changes, special offers, discount cards and regular customer details are automatically displayed, updated and activated in the restaurants you select. We have eliminated the labour intensity and human error that so often disrupt promotions. You can start a promotion at the drop of a hat, and your waiters can incorporate this promotion into service without a second thought. Tillypad makes all calculations for you, synchronises promotion start times and evaluates the efficiency of your loyalty programs.
Centralised management means more structure and fewer expenses. For example, with daily comparison reports showing the performance of each venue, you can spot your weaknesses and take immediate steps to get back on track. Centralised stock purchasing and partial food preparation help you minimise costs, optimise your logistics and prevent misuse of supplies.
Uniform standards are on your side
Tillypad helps you follow uniform standards in production, price setting, service and management. This facilitates control, increases administrative efficiency and improves your business’s image. In addition, uniform standards guarantee that new sites, no matter their location, will be seamlessly incorporated into your chain. Tillypad will smoothly integrate these venues into your general structure, giving you control over their expansion from day one.
Tillypad helps your business grow!