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King John Inn and Tillypad XL - quality in unison

The Tillypad company has deployed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in the King John Inn, one of South-west England's finest culinary establishments.
The Inn, located on the border of Wiltshire and Dorset, provides modern British cuisine, first-class inn bedrooms and a fine selection of wines available both from the bar and from the adjoining wine shop. Housed in a Victorian building with a 150-year history, it retains a very special atmosphere reflected, for example, in the interior design which combines modern convenience with charming, rustic style.
Despite of its modest size, the King John Inn attracts guests from a wide area. This success is founded on superb service and the work of Head Chef Simon Trepess, who updates  his menu twice a day depending on what is available locally.
To maintain a high level of service to a large number of visitors, the owners of the King John Inn needed an effective restaurant management suite and Tillypad XL fitted the bill perfectly. Modern mobile solutions by Tillypad XL allow the use of iPads in the terraced garden. During summer time the entire Inn is a bustling scene of activity, and a mobile ePOS for waiters is indispensable.
The Tillypad XL system has simplified the management of visitors' needs: hotel guests can add their restaurant bills to their general account and pay for everything when they check-out desk, and regular patrons of the Inn have dedicated accounts. The manager can see any outstanding accounts in real time, with the history of all the customer’s orders.
Tillypad XL also facilitates an easy overview of the King John Inn's activities. The system automatically sends daily operations reports to the manager’s and owner’s email addresses.
The King John Inn’s system accommodates customers’ wishes in that they can order  a starter as a main course (with the cost increasing automatically twofold), or conversely, a main dish as a starter (a half portion at half the price), and they can determine the order of service (starters served with main courses etc.). Guests can also order side dishes, add sauce, and change cooking instructions to suit their precise tastes. With Tillypad XL, staff can instantly inform the chef of these wishes, via comments on the order which are printed in the kitchen.
‘Tillypad have worked closely with us to develop their hospitality management system. The level of support they have provided to us during the implementation process and beyond has been second-to-none and I would recommend the Tillypad team wholeheartedly,’ – says Alex Boon, owner of the King John Inn.