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A new project called Bubble Mania started in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A café of an unusual type — tea station, — Bubble Mania, has recently opened in Saint-Petersburg, Russia using the  Tillypad XL restaurant business management suite.
Although the cafe has existed for only a week, it has already been enjoying a growing popularity with the citizens by offering an exotic drink — Bubble Tea. Bubble tea is a cocktail made of tea or coffee with special toppings. Having originated in 1980s in Taiwan, it has become extremely popular all over the world since then. Bubble Mania has become a pioneer to introduce Bubble tea to people in Saint-Petersburg.
The recipe is made up real-time by the guest. First, you select tea (black, green or oolong) or coffee, then an add-on — syrup,  milk or yoghurt. Now the fun part — bubbles with different stuffings: popping boba, tapioca or jelly. Jelly is simple. We will focus on the former two.
Popping boba are bubbles filled with juice that "pop" inside your mouth; tapioca is a root starch derived from the cassava plant. Floating in your glass, bubbles are easy to extract and eat using an unusually wide straw. Popping boba, tapioca and jelly combined with refreshing tea are both a great drink and a delicious desert.
The owner and creator of Bubble Mania, Anton Singariev, was trained in Taiwan to learn not only the Bubble Tea cooking techniques, but also the long-existing recipes and combinations of the base and toppings. Combinations are in fact numerous: Bubble Mania offers 13 kinds of syrups, 5 types of bubbles and 4 tastes of jelly…
Because the recipe is made up by the guest, at the deployment stage, a special printer was set up that can print order tickets on sticky paper.  With Tillypad XL, it was not a problem. Waiters at Bubble Mania select cocktail ingredients ordered by the guest on POS terminal, and the sticky order ticket is printed on that special printer and then stuck to the customer's glass. This helps the staff serve the right drink to the right guest, and the guest can always check what he ordered an use the recipe he liked in future.
Anton Singariev, the owner of Bubble Mania: "Tillypad XL helped organise the service in our tea station in a perfect way. First, the system's intuitive interface was easy for our staff members to master. Second, we were able to have our printer set up to make even the most complicated cocktail quickly and easily. Besides, with sticky order tickets our guests will not get lost in the diversity of combinations we offer and order toppings they like next time they visit us".