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Bengel & Zaek: sweet life

The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is a recipe for success of the Bengel & Zaek restaurant & pastry shop.
This bright location has recently appeared in the Mertens House in St. Petersburg as a result of a project implemented by the PSK Holding company, which also opened such well-known establishments as Dve Palochki, Marcelli’s, Tao, WOK café MyBox, CafePeople and Dlinny Khvost. Their new undertaking combines in one place a mixed cuisine restaurant and a pastry shop.
Bengel & Zaek occupies two floors. Its large display window facing towards Nevsky prospect attracts passers-by. Through the window one can feel a lovely atmosphere and see a wide stand full of tasty-looking sweets. A visitor opens a heavy iron door and enters the cafe where desserts and pastries are served. By the way, the entrance door, iron sun blinds and fountain in the inner yard are elements of the historical interior, but they look very harmonious with new eclectic furnishings. You can proceed to the second floor and find the restaurant serving Pan-Asiatic, Italian and European dishes.
Restaurateurs from PSK Holding have a remarkable record in restaurant business, they opened a lot of popular sites, and this time they decided to accentuate the "sweet" component in their success formula. That is why they invited Philipp Blondue, a Swiss pâtissier, who will develop new recipes, while a specially-trained team under the supervision of  Alexandre Perrin will make pastries, desserts and other baked goods. A French by origin, Perrin was a pastry chef in the miX restaurant opened by Alain Ducasse at the W St. Petersburg hotel.
All the projects conducted by the holding are highly professional. The company is also distinguished by a careful choice of partners. Therefore, to automotize Bengel & Zaek the holding has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system installed in all their locations. For six years of cooperation between two companies the Tillypad XL system has proven reliable and efficient both for non-chain restaurants such as the well-known Tao and for big restaurant chains like Dve Palochki.
The Tillypad XL system enables the management to closely monitor the operation of each location and supervise all activities including staff work, inventory accounting, serving customers and applying loyalty programs. The Tillypad XL system maximizes the management efficiency and boosts profits of a restaurant or café.