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High-end French cuisine in the traditional English style. Tillypad XL in Bakewell

At the end of March, the Tillypad UK team completed a full automation of Piedaniel’s, a French restaurant located in the very centre of picturesque Bakewell.
Every year, the fairytale landscape, vibrant folk festivals, and nearby scenic Peak District National Park attract thousands of tourists to this small locality. For 20 years, Piedaniel’s has been a popular choice for local residents, festivalgoers and those who stop in Bakewell on their way to the Peak District, the UK’s first national park. Diners who arrive after work or a long hike are warmly received at the venue and indulge in its soothing atmosphere and marvellous French and English cuisine. Recommendations of owners Mr. and Mrs. Piedaniel, as well as the restaurant’s menu and impeccable service, circulate well beyond the borders of Bakewell, for example, on websites like TripAdvisor. Over 250 reviews on this site speak enthusiastically about the restaurant and rate its service quality as ‘Excellent’.
The restaurant’s proprietors, Eric and Christiana Piedaniel, are experienced restaurateurs who have earned many prestigious awards. When choosing an automation system, they were just as careful and meticulous as they are when developing new recipes.  The automation of Piedaniel’s was meant not only to save the staff from painstaking customer service-related paperwork, but also to propel the restaurant to a new level.
Updating its IT infrastructure has fundamentally changed the internal processes of the venue, improved guests’ overall impression of the restaurant, and upgraded its business analytics capabilities. From taking orders to settling bills, from uploading sales data to assigning discounts—any task can now be performed in a matter of seconds. As a result, Piedaniel’s patrons receive their orders faster and can ask waiters to join or split guest tabs based on any order breakdown. In addition, employees and managers no longer need to manually collect data to record stock changes and analyse sales.
One of the restaurant’s distinctive characteristics is that its menu changes with each season. This guarantees that guests always enjoy the freshest local ingredients when nature herself provides them in abundance. Each seasonal speciality is created by Eric and Christiana Piedaniel, who enter new menu items and their ingredients into the program via the back office interface. This means that the menu can then be updated even when both chefs are out of town on a creative exploration.
The Piedaniel’s experience isn’t limited to its exquisite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You can even celebrate a special event or hold a business meeting here! The restaurant offers a spacious banquet hall often booked for weddings and a private conference dining room that rarely goes unreserved. Tillypad XL helps Piedaniel’s plan and execute these various events. 
Eric Piedaniel, co-owner of Piedaniel’s: "After installing Tillypad XL, Christiana and I realised that we don't have to constantly hop from the kitchen to the dining room in order to efficiently manage our restaurant. Routine tasks now take up much less time, which means that my employees can spend more time with our guests, while Christiana and I can devote our free time to strategic planning. Human errors which are easily made during busy periods, no longer interfere with our work. For example, now I know for sure exactly how many stock items are deducted on a given business day without having to refer to handwritten information. Another advantage of Tillypad XL is that every member of my team finds it easy to use and understand. Some of my employees have never worked with software like this before. They're used to taking orders with a pen and paper, so changes in stock also always used to be recorded on paper. As some of us are not technical geniuses, we expected some difficulties learning to manage the software, but much to my surprise, the day after the installation everyone already had a good sense of the program."