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The sweetest chain in St. Petersburg

For over 15 years, Bushe has been indulging residents of Russia’s northern capital with delicious bakery treats. The company produces and sells 9 tonnes of various breads, pastries, tarts, cakes and other confectionary items every day. This amount of work turned out to be beyond the capacity of Bushe’s previous automation system. To manage its high production volume, the management of the chain began looking for a new solution that would allow for unlimited development of the company. Tillypad XL proved to be this solution.
Precise accounting comes first
The main feature the Bushe chain requested from the automation project was complete compatibility with their accounting suite. The Elf-M team configured data exchange so that both systems communicate perfectly smoothly. For example, accountants in the main office can add menu items, edit the menu (which differs from venue to venue) and send information to the Tillypad XL server, from which it is then transferred to the corresponding points of sale. The Tillypad XL system supplies the accounting program with a complete set of sales data. All data are uploaded and downloaded in the proper formats in both directions. This allows the accounting department to start working with their data right away, without losing valuable time to additional processing or reformatting.
Colour matters
Service speed depends to a large extent on how the POS terminal interface is organised. For a large chain like Bushe with a massive clientele, even a second saved by avoiding a needless screen touch makes a difference. For this reason, special screen forms were developed for the company. Bushe thoroughly analyse button placement and allocate different colours to different buttons to facilitate the work of their staff. As a result, they enjoy high service speed and consistent customer loyalty!
Nikolay Bukhtoyarov, Director of Elf-M: "Tillypad XL helps Bushe operate faster and more efficiently. The main office can easily share information with all of the chain’s venues even though they each use different software. We have also added some charts and diagrams to reports as per the management's request. Flexible settings in Tillypad XL have helped minimise user error. The system calculates various discounts automatically, and the menu is so easy to use that employees can enter orders almost without looking".