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Tillypad XL and the best British hospitality traditions

The Crown Inn has joined the ranks of Tillypad's UK clients.
The Crown Inn is a traditional British pub an hour away from Nottingham. Located in the southeast of Nottinghamshire county — an area renowned for its popular tour routes—The Crown Inn is rightly beloved by all who set off on a journey to discover the authentic England of yore. Visitors’ high opinion of this venue is confirmed by its TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and the exclusively positive reviews it has received on the travel website.
A second, slightly larger part of the pub’s clientele comes from the local population. The combination of its charming wooden building, elegant interior design and exquisite menu make the locals of Nottinghamshire come back over and over again. Locals who frequent the pub often find it convenient to settle their tabs at the end of the month. All their orders are stored on regular customer cards, thus allowing the pub to serve card owners on credit. At the end of the month, The Crown Inn regulars can pay off their tabs partially or in full — all thanks to Tillypad XL.
An excellent menu and a bar with a wide range of traditional and local beers, as well as consistent, outstanding service have turned The Crown Inn into one of the best pubs in the area. During the day the pub is full of families with children and even pets. After dusk, patrons come to cheer for their favourite football team or enjoy live music.
Maintaining such a high standard requires well-thought-out organisation with no service delays, clear quality control and finely tuned business processes. Thanks to the amazing features of Tillypad XL, the pub’s staff not only quickly and efficiently perform everyday tasks but also possess a wide range of data for analysing the venue’s sales and numerous loyalty programmes. Each morning at 7 a.m., the owners receive an e-mail with a sales report from the previous day, which includes the day’s main financial figures and data on menu item sales and the personal performance of each employee. This is very convenient, as it means that the pub can be controlled remotely.
The pub can sit up to 80 guests. Employees register orders, manage open guest tabs and carry out payments on two POS terminals.  In addition, the owners of The Crown Inn use a back office licence to manage its finances and analyse sales.