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Tillypad XL at Big Kitchen

Yet another project from Food Retail Group — the ‘Big Kitchen’ restaurant — has implemented Tillypad XL.
Since its opening in September 2014, Big Kitchen has become one of the most popular dining options in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The concept of the restaurant lives up to its name: the venue has two open kitchens, a wine bar, a room that can seat up to 400 people and is styled as a European marketplace, a stage with a grand piano, a banquet hall and a children’s playroom with staff for childcare and entertainment.
This huge panoramic restaurant, centrally located in the Galeria shopping mall, is walking distance from the city’s largest railway station and Nevsky Prospect, the main avenue of St. Petersburg. Big Kitchen’s customers enjoy not only a selection of fine Italian, Spanish and Russian cuisine, but also a wonderful view of the lively street and square below.
Big Kitchen has a rich programme of musical performances and an excellent sound system on its stage. The best local bands and musicians perform here, which means that despite its huge size, the restaurant is never lacking in visitors.
When the kitchen has a high customer volume, it requires the hosts' full attention. The Tillypad XL hospitality management system, installed on eight POS terminals, helps the staff successfully manage any number of orders.
Big Kitchen – big challenges
The two independent open kitchens and wine bar located in different areas of this vast restaurant require a precise automation system.  In a 16,000-square-foot room, delays are not an option. This is exactly why Food Retail Group has chosen the latest version of Tillypad XL as the automation system for Big Kitchen. The almost instantaneous data exchange among divisions in the restaurant, as well as the system’s customisable interface and features, save the staff from unnecessary screen touches and confusion about orders and payments. As a result, visitors enjoy exceptionally quick service.
In addition to its accounting and analytics features, Tillypad XL is used in Big Kitchen's back office to generate alcohol declarations and to keep record of its alcoholic beverages. The new version of Tillypad XL makes it easy to adapt to the ever-changing rules and regulations for declaring alcohol acquisition and sales.