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Catering management with Tillypad XL

Obedov was founded in 2002 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). For eight years, they grew into a large catering company providing their catering services to thousands of people.
Obedov specialises in the three main directions: cooking and delivering lunches to offices, on-site event catering and contract services in organising lunches at enterprises. The company has its own production capacities and a separate central office. Currently, Obedov is focusing on the third direction considering it the most perspective.
In 2010 the company opened canteens in the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg state university of telecommunications, the Russian leading university of telecommunications. The canteens are located on two floors of the university building and have 200 seats each. One floor is taken by the buffet, and the other is the canteen.
After that, Obedov carried out another catering project at the Electrosila plant, the main branch of the OJSC Power Machines, the Russian leader in heavy engineering. The Electrosila plant has two canteens of 100 seats each. Two POS terminals are installed in each canteen and one more POS terminal is set up in the buffet. All canteens at both enterprises are managed using the Tillypad XL hospitality management suite.
There are several serving lines in each canteen. Employees at the plant use cards to pay for their lunch. Not only it prevents cases of abuse, but also makes the service faster which is one of the key needs of the canteen at a plant.
The canteens at the university as well as at the plant have their own kitchens. Canteens are joined in the Tillypad XL network and are managed from a remote central office. It is also noteworthy, that the use of card system in TillyPad XL does not limit employees in their choice of menu items. For enterprises organising lunches for employees, this mechanism is perfect.
In 2011 Obedov deployed Tillypad XL in the bar and the canteen at the Svyazist recreation centre located about 100 km from the central office. For Tillypad XL it is not a problem —Tillypad XL was developed to be a powerful network tool working seamlessly in restaurant chains in which restaurants are located in different parts of the city.
Roman Elistratov, director of Obedov, says that in such intensive environment, reliability of network is crucial. Tillypad XL perfectly satisfies these requirements by providing such features as distributed architecture, replication and double-layer cache. Apart from that, the management of the company chose Tillypad XL for its good reputation and positive feedback from employees who had worked with the system before.