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Eight years, eight venues

Gerkules, a Kaliningrad's holding company combining eight different venues, has been working with Tillypad for eight years. This restaurant group contains a large and one of the city's most popular European cuisine restaurants with its own brewery (Gerkules), several pizzerias and trattorias, and a hotel restaurant. Two of eight venues of the restaurant chain are located outside of the city, in Zelenogradsk and Chernyakhovsk.
Despite differences in formats and concepts and the distance between the restaurants, they are all managed from the central office located in the Gerkules restaurant. From here, managers can keep track of the global tendencies, check the balance, revenue and cash flow for each of the restaurants without being physically present at the site—by using Tillypad's back office and stock licences.
Having a restaurant chain based on the Tillypad replication model allows to minimise central management resources. It is especially convenient for accountants because all work with financial records is carried out in one office.
Larisa Seleznyova, Head Accountant of the holding company: 'With such large data volumes that we have in Gerkules, Tillypad is an indispensable tool. All financial reports are always at my fingertips, and I can easily monitor cash flow. Many document fields are populated automatically, which saves both my time and the time of the entire department. Together with our chefs, cost accountants regularly work on recipe cost cards by using Tillypad's ticket report and sales report.  Based on the updated ABC-report, we can make decisions regarding which menu items should be added to or removed from the menu; and each quarter, we create new lunch combo offers.'
The spacious banquet hall of the largest restaurant in the chain can seat up to 400 guests and allows to organise high-scale events. Other private rooms of the same restaurant host smaller parties (30-70 people), sometimes simultaneously with the global events in the large banquet hall. Recently, Tillypad started helping Gerkules organise and serve banquets and other special events. Using Reservations mode, administrators accept deposits and plan kitchen workload, while waiters serve dishes according to the specified course number.