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English fast food a la Italia

The Tillypad company has installed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in Sub Xpress, a fast food restaurant with perfect cuisine half an hour from the London downtown.
Sub Xpress has the charm of an Italian family restaurant. In its menu you always find pasta, pizzas, salads, pastry, desserts and sandwiches, which are made to original recipes. They bake special bread (like the pastries it is made to in-house recipes) and put it into a special toaster, which toasts the bread enough to melt the cheese, warm the meat and make a nice 'crunch' on the outside but tender and moist on the inside. The Sub Xpress restaurant uses only GM free ingredients, natural cheeses and non processed meats. Now imagine how delicious, succulent and healthy their branded subs must be!
Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Sub Xpress has won an army of admirers, and on a regular basis it organizes promotional activities for them. The Sub Xpress restaurant practices a very sophisticated but efficient discount system, which takes into account a variety of different aspects such as order time and the process of combining selected dishes. Traditional combo meals, kids meals, special discounts for students, a buy-one- get-one-free deal on sandwiches, free breakfast drinks, discounts during special hours on some meals, discount flyers, discounts for regular customers, etc
Tillypad XL has turned this into a flexible and open system, which takes into account all the discounts and allows new ones to be easily incorporated. That is why the Sub Xpress staff serve their clients quickly and accurately even during peak times of the day, which are typical of fast food restaurants. In the same way the system keeps a record of loyalty points which can be used by regular customers to pay for subsequent orders.
One more important issue for Sub Xpress is to monitor the operation of the restaurant Now the administrator can use iPad as a remote control device, which reproduces the POS terminal. It makes it possible to view any report and assist employees during peak times. Moreover, it enables staff easily to maintain an expanding client database, check lists of orders, payments and receive daily reports by email.
“I have found Tillypad XL an excellent partner in my search to find the perfect system at a reasonable price.  The software gives me the reliability and convenience of a traditional system but with innovative and forward thinking add-ons which make managing the business easier and more efficient,” comments Vince Martorana, General Manager of the Sub Xpress.