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Frikadelki Restaurant Chain and Corporate Service

In the framework of a long-term partnership Tillypad has assisted Frikadelki restaurant chain in implementing the corporate service solutions based on Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Tillypad and Frikadelki restaurant chain have been partners for more than 8 years. Modern restaurants of Frikadelki chain, affordable for everyone, with show cooking and a delicatessen department are very popular in St. Petersburg. Nowadays the chain is mastering a new business dimension: corporate food service. Enterprises, where this service is offered to employees, can apply different payment systems to deal with public catering enterprises.
It is worth to note that one of Frikadelki’s partners is the St. Petersburg subsidiary of a well-known lab, the leading company in developing antivirus software. For this company the only convenient way of paying for employee meals is to transfer daily allowances on a special card. Transferred money is saved on the card and is available through a month. Then, at the first day of the next month, the employee’s account is cleared. It was the procedure offered by the company to pay for corporate food service in Frikadelki restaurant chain.
Tillypad XL hospitality management system has all necessary options to implement the above solutions. That’s why Tillypad specialists assisted Frikadelki restaurant chain in adjusting all necessary functions to adapt the system for such a payment scheme. The system has been customized in such a way to meet the customer requirements, i.e. Tillypad XL keeps count of all transfers and cash balances, then clears accounts even for those days when employees did not go to a canteen because of a sick leave, vacation or absence due to other circumstances.
Moreover, Tillypad XL makes it possible to customize the system to meet all customer requirements. For example, the system enables to edit the amount of allowances and to change the date of clearing saved money.
Elena Klimenko, CFO of Frikadelki restaurant chain, commented: 'For a long period of cooperation we became convinced in advantages of operating Tillypad XL system. It meets all our emerging demands and helps to promote our chain as a provider of corporate food service. Now we can customize Tillypad XL bearing in mind a wide range of payment requirements without limiting our customers in terms of selecting a scheme to pay for meals.'