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In the first craft beer pub in Chelyabinsk

In December 2015, a new gastropub, Double L, opened its doors in Chelyabinsk. This pub has quickly become a popular destination thanks to the city's largest selection of craft beers, Friday's jazz concerts and an incredibly cosy ambience. PROXY SERVICE Ural, Tillypad's dealer in Chelyabinsk, helped Double L automate their business processes.
Double L does not have a regular bar list: new sorts of beers appear on and disappear from the chalkboard, while the chef keeps experimenting with the menu. This approach is profitable and easy to use: Tillypad reports read by the management of the company at the end of each week help determine the most marginal items and the most popular combination of items. In most cases, the 'dish/drink' pairs match those recommended by barmen: In Double L, guests can not only learn about the singular characteristics of a given beer and the beer culture of its country of origins, but also ask for recommendations and get dishes that go best with this particular beer.
Keeping in mind the high customer flow and two seating options—at the bar counter and at a table — the PROXY SERVICE Ural company has configured two operating modes. Guests seated at the tables are served by waiters using Restaurant waiter mode, while at the bar counter, barmen close the guest tabs immediately after serving drinks, thus making "fast sales". This system allows to satisfy guests with different expectations: Depending on your mood and the amount of time you have, you can choose fast service or an attentive restaurant service.
Those who plan to host a big party at Double L can make a reservation in advance or even plan a banquet. Orders can be made in advance in Reservations mode that incorporates solutions for managing deposits and planning the order of courses.
In addition, PROXY SERVICE Ural helped the pub configure loyalty programmes. They are not limited to special lunch offers — regular customers can also take advantage of the accumulative discount cards.
Kirill Shaprov, pub's CEO: 'Our pub is frequented by people who are good judges of quality beer and good food. We've set the bar high and we're holding it up thanks to our trusted suppliers, such as artisan and family-run breweries, suppliers of fresh organic ingredients and the technologically advanced software, Tillypad. It was recommended to us by our business partners, and we're very happy with our choice. Tillypad makes our work easier: we can leave comments on orders to make sure we take into account all special wishes of our guests, and it's easy to monitor the dining room by looking at the seating layout with open guest tabs. We also loved comprehensive features for record-keeping and sales analysis.'