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Installation in the Pir goroy chain

The Vologda chain Pir goroy consists of two restaurants. Judging by their operational results we can assume that the format turned out to be correct and the prospects for future expansion of the chain are good. The owner is the firm Mastor, which owns a chain of grocery retail outlets. Tillypad dealer Eney carried out EPoS installation in this company's retail outlets and had already been providing technical support for a long time. Nonetheless, when the owners opened the first Pir goroy restaurant in autumn 2008, at their own initiative they installed an EPoS system from a competitor to Tillypad XL.
Soon after, they discovered that local support for this system had gaps in it. Specialists from Eney told them about the advantages of Tillypad XL: powerful network capabilities, fast deployment and unlimited scalability, a wide selection of peripherals and simplicity and convenience of use. As a result, they changed the EPoS system.
An additional factor in the move to Tillypad XL was, of course, the high authority and great experience of Eney in working with the owners of the restaurant chain. Moreover, Tillypad XL was lined on the equipment that was left over from the previous EPoS system. Thus the owners managed to reduce a significant item of expenses. The owners did not have to regret the change, partly because one of the greatest strengths of Tillypad XL, focussed in network capabilities, turned out to be highly demanded in the new restaurant chain.
The second Pir goroy was opened in June 2009. The specifics of the chain were that the restaurants are not just scattered around the city, but are considerably far removed from one another. The new restaurant turned up in a completely different town 70 miles away, in Kirillov, where the famous tourist centre, the Kirillov-Belozerskiy monastery, is located.
The supply and management of both establishments had to be organised from the first restaurant, which was successfully done with the help of Tillypad XL. Moreover it must be taken into account that the second restaurant does not have a permanent internet connection. In this case, database synchronisation was carried out with a delay using e-mail, which is provided for as standard by Tillypad XL’s unique replication mechanism.
Notwithstanding the remoteness and archaism of the network connection, reliability and efficiency of the Tillypad XL EPoS system turned out to be so high that they decided not to have a permanent manager-administrator in the second restaurant.
Eugene Filippov, lead programming engineer of Eney, said, "The manager's place in Kirillov is there only for backup: in case of urgent change of prices or something else".
From one side significant autonomy was provided for the remote restaurant, from the other side – centralised management and control. The restaurants are absolutely identical in terms of menu and discounts. A regular client can use his discount cards in any establishment.
Functionality of the Tillypad XL system installed in both Pir goroy restaurants was not finalised. The standard installation fully satisfied the customer. Five POS terminals and one manager workstation were installed in the first restaurant in Vologda. Three POS terminals, one manager workstation and TillyPlay technology, which allowed three billiard tables to be controlled automatically, were installed in the second in Kirillov.
The restaurant chain management highlighted the most significant functions of the system thusly: "Strict record keeping, which requires minimum administrative personnel, but providing maximum information for managing catering; automatic cost price and purchase price calculation; necessary reports for management".
With regard to the main features and direction of development of the Pir goroy restaurants, the owners are placing their bets on quality fare and service, speed of service and the use of new technology in their management system.
Eney specialists suggested that the restaurateurs add "mobile restaurant", a standard option in the EPoS system using wireless PDAs, to their line of prospects. In Tillypad XL this is a fully functional tool, far more powerful than the ordinary electronic order pad of a waiter. Management liked the idea and in autumn they plan to install several mobile workstations at the same time.