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Mr Stefan Braun has come to Russia

This autumn, Mr Stefan Braun, a popular club brand in Europe, opened its first venue in Lipetsk, Russia. And it became a client of Tillypad.
 For the last 14 years, Mr Stefan Braun has been in the top list of the best night clubs on the Balkans. In Belgrade and Ljulbljana, Podgorica and Budva, on the Adriatic Sea beaches and in private venues—no matter where you are, you're in for a hot night when Mr Stefan Braun runs the show.
So how does the Russian Mr Stefan look like?
Imagine a building in one of the central city parks. Cosy sofas, solid wood tables and a huge bar counter in the middle of the room... Here is where several barmen work, each serving drinks in his own zone. Experienced barmen are not only good at mixing cocktails, they're also very willing to dance with guests on the bar counter.
Mr Stefan has multiple formats: during the day, it's a high profile cocktail bar and restaurant, but after 10 p.m. it turns into an incredible dance club. Radomir Vlasa Vlacic, Vice President of World Association of Chefs, came to Russia to help launch the new restaurant. He developed an original menu with dishes that you can't find anywhere else in the town.
Tillypad helped organise loyalty programmes: for example, during the first week after the opening, each customer received a 20% discount. Even today, guests can benefit from a variety of promotions.
However, the most intriguing—and uncommon for Russia—feature of Mr Stefan Braun is their inventory system. In the beginning of the shift, the bar manager gives each barman a range of drinks and stock items. At the end of the shift, the inventory is taken for each employee. If the numbers don't sum up, the barman faces a rather serious fine: he will be charged the amount of the most expensive cocktail that contains the missing ingredient.
To implement this stock control system, Tillypad developed a new report that shows stock consumption for each drink and barman.
Dmitry Zhdanov, Director of the restaurant: 'As we had thought, restaurant became a popular dining choice as soon as we opened it. We receive hundreds of guest daily—they come here to have lunch, dinner or a meeting. On the weekend, the number of customers triples—thanks to our fantastic night parties. Tillypad has proven to be a reliable and easy-to-use program that effortlessly deals with any number of guests. It's extremely user-friendly and allows you to do all sorts of things like monitor what's going on in the dining room and set up any kind of promotions. The program is flexible. Originally it didn't have a solution for our bar management tasks. This smart tool was developed specifically for us, and we can assure everyone that the system can solve complex and custom tasks should a restaurateur require it.
The implementation was carried out by 123, Tillypad's dealer in Lipetsk.