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New clients of Tillypad in Ivanovo

In 2017, several interesting venues opened their doors in Ivanovo where Tillypad is officially represented by Individual Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Odinets. Here are some details.
1. Coffee and shisha bar ‘Irish Café
In the very centre of Ivanovo, you will find ‘Chocolate’, a recently built shopping mall. From here, take a glass elevator to the third level where you will find yourself in the trendy coffee and shisha bar called ‘Irish Café’. This roomy space with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and snug colourful couches has a lot to offer to its customers: coffee with many different flavours and brewing methods, aromatic tea, and a good variety of hookah flavours.
In addition, the Irish Café hosts various artistic events: exhibitions, art installations, workshops, breakfast meetings, stand-up festivals, local artist performances, to name a few. At the end of the week, the bar is transformed into a night club.
Since its opening, the Irish Café have been working on Tillypad for day-to-day operations, service, and sales analysis. Tillypad also facilitates the use of loyalty programmes with bonus points.
In July, just a few days ago, the Irish Café opened a summer terrace called 'Oxygen' on the roof of the shopping centre. This open-air bar offers everything for ideal al fresco wining and dining: excellent coffee with delicious desserts, relaxing steam cocktails, on-trend grilled black and green burgers, meat and seafood dishes.
The Irish Cafe directors purchased an additional Tillypad license for automation of the new place.  Tillypad’s representatives in Ivanovo assisted in installing and configuring the software on Windows 10 tablets. 
2.Original cuisine restaurant ‘Machete’
Machete is the first Latin American restaurant in Ivanovo. The venue is marketed as a great destination for food connoisseurs with original cuisine being its trademark. Contemporary European cooking methods and never-to-be-forgotten plate service make for unique atmosphere of the place.  
Incredible cuisine
The restaurant’s menu is mainly focused on healthy nutrition and techniques aiming to preserve the products’ natural taste and properties. Some dishes are cooked in vacuum using low temperatures (sous vide) and served with a mouth-watering surprise. For instance, Russian soup solyanka comes with ‘snow sour-cream’, which, when added to the hot soup, turns into a cloud of steam. Traditional ‘dressed herring’ is prepared by rolling fish in beetroot slices.  If you are looking for a new dining experience, you can try innovative dishes of molecular gastronomy. 
Interior design and zoning
The restaurant is set over two levels; each one is special in its own way.
The first level
is where the bar is located. If you appreciate craft beer, you won't be disappointed with a large variety of styles and brands from the most exclusive brewers.  Along with the beers, the choice of steam cocktails is also on offer. Warm glow of the corn-coloured walls mixed with rich aromatic vapours create enigmatic ambience of the ancient Aztec civilization. This authentic feel is complimented with the wall decoration in the form of the legendary Sun Stone, symbol of the Mexican Cosmogony.
The second level
resembles a gallery of contemporary art. The designers spiced up the classic restaurant interiors with art objects, hand painted murals, vibrant abstractions, and posters. In contrast to the first level, a favourite get-together spot for a young crowd, this area is perfect for family events, business meetings, and romantic dinners.
Two Tillypad licenses for front office sufficiently cover the needs of this large 2-storey venue.  As part of discount loyalty programmes, you can make avail of the regular customer cards. Even if you don't have one, you can still enjoy yourself while not spending a fortune on drinks thanks to the 15% discount on tap beer every Monday, or to the ‘super deal’ on tequila on Mexican Fridays.
Both Machete and Irish Café were opened in winter 2017, and since then have been working on Tillypad. The two venues are joined into a restaurant chain with a single central office.
 3.   Café ‘Happiness’
‘Happiness’ is a cosy café in the town of Kineshma, a suburb of Ivanovo. Located in the shopping centre in the heart of the town, the café mostly serve set lunches, and à la carte on some occasions. However, when a football match is on, the place is packed. Every so often, the venue is reserved for special events: centrally located on the riverside, with a large dining room, it’s a well favoured spot for celebrations. 
Vyacheslav Odinets, Tillypad’s official representative in Ivanovo: 'We demonstrated to the employees how to fill in the Menu and Stock Items directories, configured User Roles and POS, and then the managers and the frontline staff mastered the program in no time. They thought the software was quite user-friendly and they didn't have any problems while operating it unassisted.'