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New sites are the best kind of customer appreciation

The largest shopping mall of Turkmenistan has come back to automate more of its venues with Tillypad XL!

Proven track record
The first company in Turkmenistan to install Tillypad XL was Yimpash KST, the country's largest shopping mall. Initially, Tillypad XL was implemented in four fast food locations in the mall. The difference between the "before" and "after" proved so significant that the management of the company immediately decided to switch the mall's restaurants and cafeteria to Tillypad XL as well. Moreover, since Tillypad XL supports increased customer flow, the restaurant was scaled up.

Diverse venues – coordination and joint management
Fatikh Karamemish, IT group director of Yimpash KST: "Tillypad XL provides us with the structure to connect all our enterprises. All of our venues operate independently but have the same central office. Turkish dishes and sweets for the restaurant are prepared in our fast food section. Therefore, Fast Food ticket printers also print out orders of restaurant guests. This has allowed us to save on the cost of additional equipment and wiring and has also aided in cutting down the number of work units in the restaurant kitchen. The clear and precise configuration of Tillypad XL prevents any confusion during operation. Tillypad XL helps us prosper!
We would also like to emphasise the budget-friendliness of the entire project. How much you pay for Tillypad XL licences depends on which functions you require.  We chose only licences that provide functions that are relevant for our business, and consequently, we didn't have to pay for those we wouldn't use."

Tillypad XL was implemented by our Turkmen partner Akmurad Annageldyev. The restaurant and cafeteria use 16 licences of the F type; these are required for cashiers to operate POS terminals and for waiters to work on iPads.
The implementation took just two days: one day in the company's office and one to configure settings in the restaurant. Automation of the cafeteria took only 2 hours. The Tillypad XL installation did not interfere with the work of the venues; they continued operating as usual.
The cafeteria required a custom Stop list configuration, as it has a wide variety of possible dishes, but only 15 of them are prepared on a given day. Manually disabling all items not included in the day’s menu would be too time-consuming and labour-intensive. Therefore, the decision was made to create an "inverse stop list". With this in place, each morning the cashier simply uses the POS terminal to activate the 15 dishes that the chef is planning to serve for the day.