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Over 30 restaurants of the Nordcity holding company work on Tillypad

In 2015-2016, over 30 sites of the Nordcity management company were automated with Tillypad. Most of them are fast food restaurants located in shopping malls of Vologda, Velikiy Novgorod and Syktyvkar. In addition, Nordcity also has the House pizza delivery service, a few conceptual restaurants, coffee houses and bars (Lucky Star, Shtof, Yorsh,, which also work on Tillypad nowadays. Each restaurant is the holding company's property and each one goes through a full management cycle, from developing the concept to operational and other types of management.
For Tillypad, the automation of Nordcity sites has become a large project: the real estate portfolio of Nordcity counts over 100 000 square yards of commercial real estate in several Russian towns. The ability to gather and process all data from the individual restaurants to the central office was a notable advantage for the Nordcity's HoReCa division. This way the company could avoid creating unnecessary managerial positions on sites and set up an efficient distribution of responsibility and load between office employees.
This structure allows Nordcity to effectively manage their HoReCa department and cut costs on food supplies. Thanks to Tillypad's Purchases block, planned supplier requests are generated on each site automatically: the system analyses the standard daily consumption rates in each restaurant, as well as supply dates, and sends the request to the central office in Vologda. The request that was automatically sent from the restaurant instantly appears in the interface of the supply manager who works directly with the suppliers. The supply manager then unites requests from all divisions into a single unified supplier request in just a couple of clicks. By skipping several interim actions that would be necessary without this software, the purchase department specialists can work much more efficiently. This allows the holding company to save money on the payroll, as well as on the purchases themselves—thanks to Tillypad: the system simply will not allow purchasing stock items whose price exceeds the specified limit.
Konstantin Shirshikov, Head of IT Department of the NORDCITY company: 'Tillypad has become a smart and powerful software tool for is. It is equally good for solving routine and global tasks. It can be both simple and extraordinary—depending on your needs. The system operates flawlessly, from taking orders in the restaurant to systemizing high-volume data. I want to also specifically talk about the unique block for purchase management. Thanks to it, we've restructured our enterprise to simplify our business processes, as well as the way we work with the suppliers.'
Today Nordcity is getting ready to launch three new sites, including a free flow restaurant—a new concept for Nordcity. These new sites, as well as the restaurants of the largest year-round resort in the Vologda region, will be automated with Tillypad.