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River, terrace, Tillypad XL, Krestovsky!

A new place for easy relaxation in the best traditions of resort living has appeared on the South road of Krestovsky island – VOSADULI restaurant.
Fashionable Petersburg designers Savelii and Igor Arkhipenko created a unique open space establishment. Natural wood, soft designer chairs and chaise longues, yachts, calm water and blue sky combine perfectly with light summer dishes: grilled fish, fresh vegetables, homemade lemonade and cocktails. At weekends the restaurant transforms into a club with its own landing, lounge zone, trendy DJs and concerts by famous artists.
Regardless of the feeling of resortness and airiness you get from visiting the restaurant, everything has a feeling of sensible approach and focus on success. It is not by chance that the restaurant chose Tillypad XL as its restaurant EPoS system. The innovative mechanisms of Tillypad XL enabled the optimisation of business processes in the establishment such that, while structurally being a summer cafe, VOSADULI has all the capabilities of a modern restaurant with a multitude of additional services.
To increase speed and quality of service, the restaurant uses contemporary equipment based on the Tillpad XL restaurant EPoS system; POS terminals and kitchen printers. Guests don't have to wait long for their orders to arrive – within seconds of entering an order at a POS terminal the chef receives a kitchen print with dishes and the bar printer prints out a dispense ticket. The waiter serves the complete order to the guest, using the table number on the order ticket to find him. Thanks to these technologies, staff error is practically eliminated. Data is transferred via Wi-Fi access points, which is very convenient for a summer restaurant as there would be no point in creating a wired network in an establishment of this format.
Using modern equipment and technological innovations based on the Tillypad XL restaurant EPoS system enables guests to be served in accordance with international food industry standards, which significantly increases the reputation of the restaurant.
Tillypad is a leader in the HoReCa and leisure management software industry in Russia and the CIS. It provides services for deployment of the innovative restaurant EPoS system Tillypad XL, including selection and supply of equipment, staff training and technical support.