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Speed and increased revenue? Easy as pie!

Thanks to Tillypad XL, our clients in Taman, a region in the south of Russia, have increased their daily revenue by an average of 20%. This has also been made possible by the Soft-Service company, a longstanding Tillypad partner in Kransnodar.
The advantages of the Tillypad XL automation system became apparent as little as a month after its implementation in the Germonassa restaurant/cafe. Springboarding from this success, the owners of the venue have decided to use Tillypad XL both in Tasting Room (wine shop) and during their travelling sales throughout the Krasnodar region each summer. Implementing Tillypad XL has meant no queues even during peak times, plus a 20% growth in offsite sales from their first day on the road!
The wine shop
The average customer purchases between 4 and 9 bottles of wine. This number does not take into account large procurements for weddings, special events and restaurants, when wine is purchased by the box rather than by bottle. With such large purchase volumes, service speed used to be slow, and customers had to gather in giant queues in the shop. Tillypad XL allows employees to enter sales by scanning barcodes, solving this problem easily and gracefully.
"With Tillypad XL all these daily queues have literally disappeared," said A.S. Kovtun, Manager of Tasting Room. "Our operating speed increased several times over after we created our own barcode system by name and number of units in Tillypad XL. Now our cashiers can scan items and create bills in seconds."
Travelling sales
It is difficult to monitor employee activities during offsite vending. However, with Tillypad XL the wine shop has eliminated any opportunities for misuse, as all offsite sales are run through the system. A POS terminal (monoblock), fiscal register and 3G modem are taken along on the road.
"Using Tillypad XL has brought us a 20% income growth for the season", notes V.A. Mazitova, Chief Accountant. "Our central office can get a comprehensive picture of our sales, and our accounting department automatically receives reports instead of having to enter data manually. With Tillypad XL we save lots of time and increase revenue while avoiding misuse."