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Success comes from attention to detail

Two more popular venues in the London metro area have implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
Updates on the classics
El Matador and Seven Sushi are two highly sought-after restaurants in Sevenoaks, a town just outside London.  El Matador offers an authentic and innovative menu featuring Spanish and Argentinean cuisine with modern accents. Seven Sushi’s selection of dishes follows the latest trends in Tokyo, and standard sushi gives way to more intriguing Japanese fare. The founders of these venues have managed to avoid clichés and give their dish selection a fresh, modern feel. Both restaurants are top-rated within Sevenoaks and well-known amongst Londoners. To achieve this kind of success, they needed a solid automation system. This is why their management chose Tillypad XL.
Well thought-out down to the details
"We really enjoy working with Tillypad XL," says Hugo Peyrel, Director of the 7 Sevenoaks Group. "Now that we have it, we operate more efficiently and, more importantly, with less hassle. The system helps everyone work more productively, from brand-new waiters to experienced managers. With Tillypad XL, we’ve configured the system to fit our needs precisely. Even automatic report e-mails or such specific details as what appears on the bill have been successfully customised. Tillypad XL has allowed us to add VAT to our pre bills. Now they can be used as final, post-payment receipts as well. This saves paper and speeds up service."
Each restaurant uses eight licences. Seven of them are front office and one is for management and stock control. Waiters work with standard POS terminals as well as iPads.
Both restaurants have an active marketing strategy. To support these programs, various promotions and special offers have been configured in Tillypad XL. Gift certificates find a ready market in these venues as well. The recipient of a certificate can even make orders totalling an amount greater than the certificate's value. A combined payment method has been set up to allow staff to accommodate clients in these cases.