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The Church Inn: a bar with a long pedigree

The Church Inn gastropub in Birmingham is now using the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
The Church Inn has been in Birmingham for over 100 years. The Church Inn is a traditional style pub with a heavy focus on food, drinks & music.  It is the home of the Soul Food Project, who specialise in authentic culinary creations that are inspired by the Southern States of the USA.  They serve a range of traditional drinks but also focus on cool & creative cocktails.   It’s not just great food & fabulous drinks that floats their Riverboat, they also love their music with Jazz & funk being their particular thang.  It all makes for a cool, vibrant yet relaxing and fun venue nestled away in the historic heart of Birmingham’s World Famous Jewellery Quarter. 
The Owner of The Church Carl Finn approached us in advance of The Church opening it’s doors in early 2013.  He explained that he needed an EPOS system that was flexible & capable of supporting his busy new multi-room venue.  Tillypad worked closely with Carl and his business partner Matt Marriott to produce a system that suited their particular needs.  The project was developed taking into account the specifics of the English restaurant business. For example, the cash drawer is connected directly to the POS terminal, without printers or fiscal registers. This allows the reduction of expenditure on equipment and makes it possible to work with personal bar guest tabs. Personalized reports and an automatic mailout of Z reports to the manager and the owner of the pub at the end of the shift have become a welcome addition to the traditional features of the POS system. The leasing option allowed the owners to distribute investments conveniently right from the start of their Tillypad XL project.
As soon as they were happy with the design of their system installation began immediately, with them having four J2 625 touch screen units with associated thermal receipt printers, cash drawers along with two kitchen printers & the Full Tillypad XL Hospitality Management suite of software. The 15” TFT colour designed touch screen are easy-to-use and see, even in dimmer evening conditions when the venue is in full-swing.  Featuring intuitive user touch, staff training was provided for all staff and management.
Carl notes: "The Tillypad XL software is designed with hospitality and bar staff in mind; it’s easy-to-use and It ensures that our staff achieve accurate entry with customisable visual images of the menu items, cutting down on peak period waiting times and helping the staff avoid making mistakes regardless how busy our bars are”.
They were also impressed with the rear of house software "Tillypad Manager", it gives them all the management information reporting that they need to keep an effective track of sales and stock as well as critically being able to link each transaction to a member of staff.
The Church prides itself on offering a fresh & diverse menu.  They have a full calendar of events & themed nights, so being able to easily and quickly change menu items, specials, Guest Ales & the latest cocktail creations on the POS was a major plus point.
Carl says "the speed and simplicity of the product management is a major advantage.  We can add a product or adjust a price in a matter of seconds with no disruption to trade whatsoever”.