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The largest fitness centre in Ashgabat now uses Tillypad XL

In June 2015, Tillypad XL was used to automate the Lotus fitness club in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. The new health club is located in Turkmenistan's largest shopping mall (Berkarar) and offers its members unparalleled space, services and equipment. Tillypad XL performs multiple tasks at the club, including overseeing the client entry procedure, customer account management and support of all operations at the smoothie bar.
Lotus is one of Ashgabat’s largest sport clubs. The spacious U-shaped fitness centre is divided into several zones: cardio, free weight and weight machine areas. Depending on clients’ work schedules and personal exercise goals, they can select from a number of membership options. For example, a member might choose to work out 2-3 times per week or purchase an all-access pass to the gym. Customers who are unsure whether they will be able to come to the gym on a regular basis can opt to pay per visit.
The Tillypad implementation team has developed ten different membership options that can incorporate independent workouts or sessions with a personal trainer. Akmurad Annageldyev, a Tillypad dealer in Turkmenistan, was in charge of the project. He connected the equipment and installed the program on the club’s POS terminal and PC, which is used both as the server and the receptionist’s workstation. Members enter Lotus and pay for drinks at the bar with their membership cards, which work using bar codes. Cashless payments with these membership cards are especially convenient for clients, who prefer to leave their personal belongings, wallets included, in their lockers while they work out.
A Datalogic contactless 2D scanner is installed at the entrance. The scanner conveniently faces the clients and has a powerful laser that allows them to easily scan their cards without having to fish for the right angle. A similar scanner is used at the fitness bar, where Tillypad XL supports cashless payments and stock control. All the drinks prepared by the barman are mixed in strict compliance with the recipes entered into the program. This allows Tillypad XL to keep a precise record of the consumption of protein mixes, milk and fruit, thus preventing any staff misuse.
Soon, new reports will be developed for Lotus to offer a graphic representation of trainers’ availability and one-on-one session schedules. Depending on how many hours they work and the types of members they train, trainers have the chance to earn bonuses.
After all operations in the fitness club in the Berkarar shopping mall are up and running, the project will be expanded. Annageldyev’s short-term future plans include the automation of all health clubs in the chain. Customers will be able to work out in any of the clubs on a single membership card, a win-win situation for both clients and the club’s owners, who will be able to centralise their operations.