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The world's first gadget restaurant: how it works

Opened in May 2017 in Moscow, Gadget Studio is marketed as the first ever gadget restaurant in the world. The venue is multifunctional with a restaurant/bar, a co-working area, a lecture hall and a showroom, where you can learn about the latest tech innovations. The owners plan to introduce a new service: shortly you will be able to have your devices fixed while you are waiting for your order, or even buy new gadgets.
The person behind this project is Nikolay Turubar, former editor of the Tech Guide of Men's Health and the founder of and, the sites dedicated to gadgets and technologies. Nikolay Turubar has nurtured the idea to open a venue for technological enthusiasts for five years. As he explained, all the creative clusters like 'Vinzavod' or 'Strelka' in Moscow are for hipsters and startuppers, but there was no such place for tech geeks and IT people to get together. This unconventional approach has become a strong selling point for some investors and, finally, the project was set in motion.
Gadget Studio configuration
The restaurant located on the first floor offers New American cuisine based on popular street food mixed with European cooking techniques. No wonder that in the gadget restaurant, tablets have taken the place of the obsolete printed menus.  Tillypad integrated with eMenu installed on the tablets allows the customers to send their orders directly to the kitchen or simply order from the waiting staff. In future, for those who want to save time and order in advance, online ordering will become available.
Loyalty programmes
Thanks to Tillypad, various types of loyalty programmes have been configured at Gadget Studio. Alongside with traditional discounts (club members discounts, partners' programmes), you can benefit from 'crazy coupons': Would you like to add the option of 'guarded home delivery' to your party? Can be done! The restaurant will make sure that even after the wildest party the customer will be brought home safe and sound.  Want to party with VIP? 'Face-to-face coupon' will grant you a two-hour dinner with Nikolay Turubar.
Now the coupons can be purchased in the restaurant in advance, and the option of online purchase will be coming soon.
Prepaid personalised club cards with the value of five, ten, and fifteen thousand rubles are also available to the customers. Depending on the selected value, you can get bonus points for your personal account. In future, you will be able to recharge your card balance online. This feature will be made available through the integration of the users' online accounts with the regular customer accounts in Tillypad automation system.
Regardless of the fact that the majority of the customers are men interested in tech and computers, Gadget Studio's great deals keep everybody happy: 10% discount for ladies to have a great night out, Guinness Days for beer lovers, or 10% discount if you bring an old or broken gadget. There is a box called 'gadget cemetery' at the entrance where you can lay your old stuff to rest: out with the old technologies, in with the new. 
The more gadgets the better
In addition to the restaurant, the two-storey venue also houses a lecture hall, a co-working space, a lounge area, and a high-tech showroom, where major tech brands demonstrate their revolutionary products. Each area features the hottest devices and interactive technologies in action.
  • 98" video panel in the lecture hall
The lecture hall can boast Prestigio Multiboard 98" flat panel display with the upcoming option to remote control your content on the Multiboard from a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Big screens in the lecture hall and in the main hall
Gadget Studio introduces a new bar culture: why not gather with your friends to watch a new presentation from Apple instead of a football match? Now, in Gadget Studio, you can enjoy IT events and tech reviews shown on the big screens, one in the main hall, and the other one in the lecture hall. Besides, the owners plan to introduce a new paid service: you will be able to send your own pics and videos to the big screens using a special hashtag. All the content will be pre-moderated.
  • Interactive wall of mounted tablets
One of the walls is tiled with tablets; you can see a similar design solution, a wall of smartphones, in the 'The Voice' studio, on Channel One, Russia. Now the wall of tablets demonstrates IT best-sellers of the past years; after a while, this video content is planned to be replaced with an interactive video game for the customers. 
  • Wireless chargers
Great news for those who dislike messy cables: at Gadget Studio, you can charge your device by simply placing it on the table, as most of the tables are equipped with wireless charging stations. Even if your smartphone doesn't support the wireless charging standard, you can ask for a special adapter from the staff. And if you happen to sit at the bar counter, your devices will not be left uncharged. With power banks and chargers for any type of gadgets available at the bar, the restaurant religiously follows its motto: 'Hold a fork in one hand and a smartphone in the other'.
  • 3D printer
At the moment, the 3D printer installed in the Gadget Studio only prints out the models of the Homunculus loxodontus, (a popular internet meme in Russia), used as the 'reserved' signs. In days to come, the customers will be able to choose a model from the menu to be 3D printed.
Place of power for tech fans and beyond
Since its opening, Gadget Studio has held more than 40 events, mostly dedicated to the latest cutting-edge technologies developed by the largest IT companies. Here Google presented Android Pay Service, Megafon announced the new rate plans, and LG launched its flagship G6. Gradually other companies not related to the tech business have come to hold their events in Gadget Studio. The venue regularly organises coffee brewing classes, psychological health sessions called 'Summer restart', and sets from popular DJs, the residents of Megapolis FM.
In 2018, by the time all the processes of the restaurant on Tverskaya Street are tested, Nikolay Turubar plans to open more venues outside Moscow and even in other countries.