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Tillypad and Shalyapin: the best partners for a successful chain

Shalyapin, a leading restaurant chain in St Petersburg, has chosen the Tillypad XL hospitality management system. The system was installed by Elf-M, a long-standing Tillypad partner.
Sometimes, after years in the market, enterprises consider introducing a more efficient automation system. However, managers are often reluctant to do so because of the need to retrain all their staff, from serving staff to accountants, and then wait until the employees get accustomed to a completely new system interface. Nevertheless, the Shalyapin chain easily managed to avoid these difficulties when switching to Tillypad XL.
All five outlets of the chain have their own unique, elegant ambience combined with superb Russian cuisine, professional service and pleasant interiors, which make them irresistibly attractive to clients. Moreover, the management styles of each individual outlet differ, and Shalyapin’s managers were willing to keep them unchanged. Elf-M installed Tillypad XL in every Shalyapin restaurant. Its specialists customized the system in such a way as to maximize its user-friendliness for employees by reproducing the formats with which they were familiar.
Tillypad XL enabled the creation of all necessary reports, which were fully in compliance with what managers had asked for. In addition, Elf-M provided each outlet with its own interface design for POS terminals. The individuality and menu features of each restaurant were taken into account, and now each has its own set of hot keys to facilitate waitressing. Elf-M’s specialists redesigned order tickets and created a sophisticated multi-level access system to differentiate between the privileges of each employee. Of course, this does not prevent managers from monitoring the whole chain. The information from each restaurant is collected and analyzed in the central office.
Danila Ratnikov, Shalyapin’s finance director, observes: "The Tillypad XL hospitality management system meets all our requirements and creates new business opportunities. With this system we can fully monitor the whole chain and preserve the features of each outlet. Moreover, Tillypad XL is a reliable and robust system with a substantial margin in terms of implementing our future ideas".
The Elf-M company is among the most active partners of Tillypad in St Petersburg. Its primary business function is to incorporate and support the Tillypad XL hospitality management system. The company was established in 2007.
More than 17 years Tillypad has been a leader in the field of developing software for the automation of public-catering enterprises, recreation and entertainment facilities. Today more than 8000 restaurants in Europe, the CIS and Russia entrust their business to Tillypad. The company is represented by a network of more than 90 dealers across Russia, the CIS and Europe.