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Tillypad at the 10th anniversary of Kaliningrad City Jazz

From 31 July to 2 August, the summer stage at Kaliningrad’s central park played host to the 10th annual international Kaliningrad City Jazz festival. An open air food court was placed next to the amphitheatre and seating area built for the event.  Seven fast food booths and one VIP restaurant for honorary guests, all automated with Tillypad XL, were opened to festivalgoers. 
Over its 10 years, the festival has become a highlight event in the region, attracting thousands of jazz fans from Kaliningrad, northern and central Europe and northwest Russia each year. The Baltic Restaurants holding company has organised this cultural project every year for the past decade. Baltic Restaurants is composed of seven restaurant concepts, each with its own unique format, including bars, a music club, a pub, a crepe fast food venue, a pizzeria and a cafe with an in-house bakery. Each of these venues, all of which are automated with Tillypad XL, took part in the festival.
The preparation of the food zone began three days prior to the event. The automation project was carried out by MBR, Tillypad's dealer in Kaliningrad who provide technical support for the festival food zone every year.
This year, MBR automated 18 food stands. Some of the POS terminals and fiscal registers were borrowed from the restaurants that took part in the open air event, while other hardware was purchased specifically for the festival. It will be used later in new Baltic Restaurants locations set to open in August/September 2015. The POS terminals were used exclusively as points of sale, which saved time and effort during the food zone automation. Thanks to the replication feature within Tillypad XL, MBR avoided having to configure each device from scratch; all settings and data were instantly downloaded from the company’s central computers. The most significant task within the automation involved reconfiguring the venues’ menus, as each was adapting its offerings for the to-go format and excluding complex dishes that required extensive preparation.
During the three days of the festival, Kaliningrad City Jazz saw thousands of guests from Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lithuania and Poland. Sales reports showed that the food zone served over 8,000 people.
Both the setup and the headliners at the Kaliningrad City Jazz anniversary exceeded expectations. The festival hosted jazz artists from seven countries, including funk band The Apples (Israel), Jan Konop Big Band (Poland, Gdansk Jazz Academy), The Syndicate (Austria), world-renowned Dutch saxophone player and Grammy Award nominee Candy Dulfer, Lithuanian vocal trio The Ditties, Six City Stompers (Denmark) and Mgzavrebi and Evgeniy Grishkovets (Georgia/Russia). A performance by French singer ZAZ struck a powerful final chord, bringing the jazz festival to a close.
The Kaliningrad City Jazz after party took place at the London pub, which was automated with Tillypad XL in 2014.